Eye Candy: The Sexy New Cast of 'Single Ladies' Season 3

VH1's Single Ladies returns tonight and the male cast is hotter than ever. Get to know the fellas now and find out what to expect from their characters this season.

Charli Penn Jan, 06, 2014

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Debonair actor D.B. Woodside is back for season 3 of Single Ladies and he's reprising his role as sexy, rich business mogul Malcolm and we can't wait to see what's in store for his character, who's always full of surprises.

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“I’m actually rooting for Malcolm and Keisha,” says Woodside. “I’m not an overly romantic guy, but when you watch the show there’s something about those two that’s just magical. You really want to see it work.”

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“Malcolm’s my man,” says Woodside. “I rarely agree with women's views of Malcolm on the show. I don’t think Malcolm is shady. I don’t think Malcolm is a liar, and I don’t think he’s a bad man. He just responds to what he’s given and he has gone through a lot.”

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“Malcolm has a problem with revealing stuff, and he thinks if it’s the past it should stay in the past,“ says Woodside. “That’s not the way things work, and sooner or later he’s going to learn that.”

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“LisaRaye and I have some great stuff this year and some really powerful stuff I think will really excite people,” says Woodside. “They really push the relationship between Malcolm and Keisha.”

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Harold House Moore returns to the cast once again playing Malcolm's devious little brother Terrence Franks.

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Moore reveals that he's turned on by a woman with "a great sense of humor, a personality, maturity and confidence."

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"Like Terrence, I am ambitious, head-strong and am attracted to beautiful women," says Moore. "However, Terrence is a lot more temperamental than I am. I am a lot more patient and compassionate with others. I like to empower people."

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"The easiest thing to do in life is nothing," says Moore.  "So do everything. Live. Be alive." We couldn't agree more!

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Terrel Tilford will return to play Sean, Keisha's good guy ex, who is rumored to want her back and up for trying once again to steal her away from Malcolm's grasp. He definitely has the looks to pull it off.

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"Sex appeal gets my attention, first and foremost," says Tilford. "Then from there if she has a sense of humor, doesn't take herself too seriously, and yet is still ambitious, those are all qualities which completely turn me on."

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"Without question, a woman's calves are the sexiest part of her body," says Tilford. "I know it's excruciating for women, but we truly love and appreciate you in heels...all the time. As far as I'm concerned, hell, you could be on the treadmill in heels and it would just seem so right to us. Oh, and in the shower, too! Just put 'em on and keep 'em on. (Laughs.)"

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"I don't really have a motto," says Tilford. "With each day, I just work to live more freely in my truth, and with any luck, however it is perceived by others, that they are able to sort my madness for goodness. I'm heavily-flawed and far from perfect. And I'm not interested in creating what's comfortable for anyone else. This is my life, so my daily goal is to get it right for me."

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"I think Sean may be more arrogant than I am," says Tilford. "He takes himself extremely seriously and I'd like to see a lighter side to him. I'm much more playful, confident without the attitude and I don't seek to prove myself to other people. Sean's ambition feels like it comes from the outside world versus, with me, I always work to find it wihtin myself."

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"I just have a strong sense of who I am," says Tilford. "I believe in speaking my mind and I am diplomatic, yet I don't tolerate bull from people. You'll always know exactly where we are with one another."

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"My work is my fun, more than anything else," says Tilford. "Many people complain about the long hours and the lines, but if I could, I'd be on set 16 hours a day, six days a week. A strong work ethic is just built into my DNA, so I love it."

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Actor Damien Dante Wayans joins the cast this season. He plays David, a new love interest for A&R pro April.

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Wayans says his favorite pastimes are playing basketball, eating good food and traveling. Plus, he loves his momma and tells us she's the person he most admires in the entire world.

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"Beautiful legs and nice feet turn me on in a woman," says Wayans. "That movie Boomerang had a lasting impression on me."

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"I have a great sense of humor," says Wayans. "Moms always said if you could make a lady laugh, 'that'll go a long way son.'"

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This season on the show, Wayans says fans can look forward to "a dramatic roller coaster of sex, love and lies." Yup, we're in.

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"I'm not shady like David, my character," says Wayans. "But, we both have a thing for beautiful ladies."

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Travis Winfrey returns as the ladies' gay bestie Omar, but what you may not know is that in real life he's a heterosexual man who loves the ladies too. If he had you fooled, that's only a further testament to his stellar acting skills.

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"A woman that turns herself on turns me on,” says Winfrey. “Knowing that you're beautiful shows in a way that you can't fake. That is a turn on.”

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Winfrey tell us he believes that the back of a woman's neck is the sexiest part of her body. An unexpected choice, but a great answer.

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"When I'm not at work, I'm looking for more work," says Winfrey. "You don't get into acting thinking of it as work. It's fun until it becomes work."

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"I haven't seen the whole world yet, so I can't say who my favorite person in the entire world is," says Winfrey. "I'll answer that question right before I die."