Eye Candy: Sexy NBA Playoffs Stars

The NBA playoffs are here, and you know what that means: It’s time to cheer on your favorite b-ball heartthrobs –- like Carmelo, Dwyane or LeBron -– and nothing says team spirit like a little sideline drooling.

Charli Penn Apr, 22, 2013

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New York Knicks star player Carmelo Anthony makes the ladies swoon on and off the court. Affectionately known as “Melo” by his fans, it’s not hard to tell why he’s one of the top players in the league -- and at the top of female fans' lust list. (Sorry, LaLa!) He’s tall, toned, sexy, and has talent for days.

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This tall, dark and handsome baller has us looking up and loving it. Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard makes the ladies fall in love because his heart is as good as looks, You can't beat a gorgeous brother who gives back. We're hooked on him!

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Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade sizzles on and off the court with that plump, kissable plucker and those dreamy almond shaped eyes.

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King James has really settled into his starring role on the Miami Heat's roster. We think that the sunny Florida weather has really brought out his best, don't you?

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Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin has been known to make female fans stop and stare when he's spotted vacationing shirtless, but don't be fooled -- he keeps our attention on the court too. Let's hear it for this caramel cutie!

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Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe was one of the breakout stars of last year's playoff series, and this season we're sure will be no exception. What's not to love when you look at this handsome man? Really, we can't think of anything we don't like.

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Houston Rocket's player Thomas Robinson entered the NBA last year and he's already popping up on our radar. Isn't he a cutie?

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Cutie pie Wardell Stephen Curry II, AKA "Steph Curry," does his thing for the Golden State Warriors.

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Brooklyn Nets fans can tell you that watching Deron Williams play is an added treat. Just look at him go.

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Denver Nuggets center Kenneth Faried recently injured his ankle, but we're willing to nurse him back to health ourselves if it means that we definitely get to see him off the bench and back on the court tomorrow. (We love his smooth skin, those sexy dreads and his take-no-prisoners playing style.)

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Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is young, talented and the proud owner of a totally kissable pucker.

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Still fairly new to the Los Angeles Clippers squad, pretty-eyed point guard Chris Paul is quickly becoming one of the biggest — and sexiest — stars in the league.

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Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague keeps our attention both on and off the court. We love his slender, tone physique and smooth skin. Yup, we're crushing!

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Brandon Jennings plays point guard for the Milwuakee Bucks. Chocoholics, you're gonna love him. Tune in to his next game and see just what we mean.

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Dominican Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford puts the "h" in hot. Click that "like" button if you're with us.

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Memphis Grizzlies star Tony Allen has a winning smile and looks to kill -- the perfect combination.

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Oklahoma City Thunder star shooting guard and small forward Kevin Durant has serious swag. We could stare at the 6’9", 230 pound baller on or off the court and never be bored.

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After Tyson Chandler showed off his perfect physique in ESPN's 2012 Body Issue, there was no doubt that his 7'1'' stature is a winner. His time on the court with the New York Knicks is must-see TV.

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Chocolate delight, anyone? Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett plays with so much intensity we can't help but stare.

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This curly-haired cutie is tall, tempting, and new to the Los Angeles Clippers roster.

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Another young baller, Indiana Pacers shooting guard Paul George may only be 23, but he’s quickly becoming known as a prodigy and a P.Y.T. — pretty, young and talented!

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Chicago Bulls starter Carlose Boozer keeps us glued to the game and dying for more during the commercial breaks. We're sure with one look at this picture you can totally see why.

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Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill is so cute that we can’t concentrate on the game. When he starts dribbling, our mouths do too.

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When we look at Denver Nuggets star player Andre Iguodala, we get to thinking that our lucky number may be 9.

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Denver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller is seriously sexy. Do you agree? Hello, gorgeous!

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Standing at 6-foot 11-inches tall, power forward/center Tim Duncan is a four-time NBA champion, a two-time NBA MVP, a three-time NBA Finals MVP and former NBA Rookie of the Year. Put simply: He's the man, and we couldn't be bigger fans. (Oh, and did we mention he's a 13-time NBA All-Star Pick too?) Boom!

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We’d love to cover Los Angeles Clippers forward Caron Butler on or off the court. We got him, we got him!

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Metta World Peace, AKA the player formerly known as Ron Artest, keeps the fans hooked with his outspoken behavior and steamy stare.

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Multi-culti cutie Tony Parker is a French baller who now shines as the San Antonio Spur's star point guard. He was once off limits — and married to actress Eva Longoria — but these days he's divorced and hotter than ever.

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Lately, Gary Neal has been the San Antonio Spurs’ comeback kid and our biggest courtside crush.

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The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard is a true superstar who never (ever!) disappoints on the court. Sadly, we'll only see him on the sidelines this playoff season because he's on the injured list.

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New York Knicks star Amar'e Stoudmire never has trouble keeping our attention. Although he's faced injury and personal hardships this season, he hasn't let anything keep him down. Amar'e, we heart you.