Eye Candy: Sexy Men in Leather

Eye Candy: Sexy Men in Leather
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 18, 2010

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We’re not sure what it is, but there’s something about a man in a leather jacket that makes us all warm inside. Will Smith is no exception. This chocolate brown leather brings out the shine in his eyes.

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Sometimes it seems like leather was created for eye candy like rocker Lenny Kravitz. Yum!

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We’re loving Tyson Beckford’s slick motorcycle style. We’d love to take a ride on the back of his custom-made bike and hold on oh-so-tight.

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A sexy, strapping stud in a tough guy leather jacket — what’s not to love? Dwayne Johnson, take us for a spin.

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Kanye West is one of the most fashionable brothers in the game. Add this casual leather jacket thrown over a heather gray tee to his looks we love.

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Michael K. Williams’ black leather blazer streaked with white paint shows off the actor’s fashion risk-taker side. We’d like to paint a picture of love with him.

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Common exudes laid-back swagger at all times. Cool as ice.

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Drake elevates his everyday style with a hooded, black leather bomber.

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We’ve watched Usher’s style evolve from young and fresh to grown and sexy.

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Ludacris and Wyclef Jean flaunt their styles — Cris in a blazer and Clef rocking a motorcycle style. We’ll take both…

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Super cutie Trey Songz just oozes sex appeal. Sing us a song, Trey. Serenade us…

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We’re not sure what it is about Seal — is it his syrupy sweet voice, intense eyes, huge heart or the way he wears that sexy leather jacket? — but we are sprung.

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A purveyor of New York cool, Jay-Z looks effortlessly fly in this leather jacket with an exaggerated collar.

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Don Cheadle always carries himself with such confidence. We love a man that has that something extra cool about him.