Eye Candy: The Sexy Men of 'Hit the Floor'

Stars of VH1's new drama Hit the Floor, McKinley Freeman (left) and Rob Riley, are bringing the heat to the court and we’re definitely planning on being courtside. Get to know these cuties now!

Charli Penn May, 27, 2013

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Just one look at the sexy cast of VH1's returning hit drama, Hit the Floor, about the scandalous lives of professional ballers and their dance squad, and we were instantly smitten with its stars. We quizzed hunky leading men McKinley Freeman (left) and Rob Riley on everything from female fan craze to what to expect in season two (premiering Monday May 26th at 9 p.m. EST on Vh1) Read our interviews and find out what made us fall for these cuties!

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Riley returns as Devil’s baller Terrence Wall. He acts just like you would expect any star player to and we love it. “I have quite a bit in common with my character,” he admits. “He’s very romantic, he’s a gentlemen, intelligent, has his eye on the prize and he is past all the things that don’t really matter in life.”

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“My family’s Trinidadian, I’m first generation born, and I can cook,” says Rob. “I can cook across the board; it doesn’t matter what meal it is or what it is you want me to cook. I know my way around the kitchen quite well.”

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“There’s a lot to life so you minus well go out and live it,” says Riley. “I’m the dude who makes pancakes, eggs and bacon and puts it in the shape of a smiley face in the morning.”

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“I stay grounded because I never want to embarrass my mom,” says Riley. He adopted a rescue dog named Joy, which also happens to be his mother’s name.

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Can we just pause for a moment to drool over the wonder that is Riley shirtless, please? Sigh... now that's heavenly!

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“I played football for eight years until my freshmen year of college at Lehigh University,” Riley tells us. We’re sure it helped him get into the team spirit on set.

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Doesn't Riley look killer in that suit? He can take us out on the town anytime he wants to. Hello, gorgeous!

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Riley began his career in real estate and later decided to follow his passions to the stage. He joined the cast of Broadway play Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, where he joined the legendary James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad, actress Anika Noni Rose and Terrance Howard. Rob played the character of Brightie (one of the house servants) nightly, and for 3 weeks he was called on to perform the role of Brick in Terrance's absence and the house continued to sell-out every evening.

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We know acting is Riley's passion, but judging from the look of this photos, he could easily be modeling full-time too.

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We could watch Riley pump iron in the gym any time!

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Freeman plays Derek Roman, one of the ringleader and star basketball players of the L.A. Devils. He's mischievous, handsome and oh-so-sexy.

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Freeman's no stranger to the screen. He recently co-starred in the feature film End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal and has guest starred on television in CSI, NCIS, ER and General Hospital, as well as recurring roles on Days of Our Lives and NBC’s Samantha Who with Christina Applegate.

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Single guy Freeman hails from Champagne, Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois. While living in Atlanta and working for IBM a friend convinced him to join him at a casting call for the soap opera All My Children’s search for the Sexiest Men in America. To his surprise, he made the final five and the experience caused him to rethink his career direction. It was a smart choice.

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“I’m mostly the kind of guy who appreciates my private moments and my me time," says Freeman.

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“I always remember where I came from,” says Freeman. “I recently fixed my grandfather’s leaf blower. I still do yard work.”

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"I try to do a little bit of everything," admits Freeman. "I play piano by ear, and I’m finally trying to take lessons.”

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“I like to do traditional boxing," Freeman shares. "I’ve studied martial arts, and I call myself a mad scientist who’s willing to try anything to get into better shape or challenge myself.”

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“People would be surprised to know that I have an MBA and went to business school full time for two years and graduated with honors," brags a very studious Freeman. "When you’re an actor, people don’t really know the life you had before.”

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"I feel like life is so precious and the time that we have is so present so why not make the most of it?" Freeman asks. We agree and we could spend a lifetime looking into those eyes.

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Freeman has mastered smooth posing and we love each and every shot he takes!

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Freeman continues to play basketball, but practices a wide range of methods to stay in shape. He's fully committed to a strong cardio and gym routine.

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Catch the premiere of Hit the Floor tonight on VH1 at 9pm. Will you be tuning in to see more Freeman and Riley? We sure will!