Eye Candy: The Sexy Lyon Brothers of 'Empire'

The sexiest shots from our Empire shoot.

Charli Penn May, 18, 2015

1 of 10 Greg Lotus

The oldest Lyons brother could just be our biggest crush. Do we have to pick just one of them to adore?

2 of 10 Greg Lotus

"If I can help someone else feel less alone, no matter what they're going through, I'm happy to have that opportunity," Smollett shares with reporter Regina R. Robertson in our new issue.

3 of 10 Greg Lotus

Smollett and his smoldering stare have us hooked for life.

4 of 10 Greg Lotus

Could this picture be any more perfect? Yeah, we think NOT!

5 of 10 Greg Lotus

This photo could brighten any woman's day. Byers is as humble as he is fine. "I work out for two reasons: one, because I'm an actor and two, because I'm somebody's [future] husband."

6 of 10 Greg Lotus

Let's just go ahead and put it out there: there is no such thing as two many shirtless photos of fit, and oh-so-gorgeous, PYT Bryshere Gray.

7 of 10 Greg Lotus

From music to acting to winning hearts, Gray brings his A-game to everything.

8 of 10 Greg Lotus

Gray's cool factor comes off as effortless with every pose.

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Is season 2 back yet? The wait is killing us!

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Isn't Black beautiful?! Ladies, which of our four steamin' hot Lyon Brothers covers did you rush out to buy? (We see a collector's item in the making!) To dig deeper with the fellas, pick up our June issue on stands now!