Eye Candy: Sexy London Edition

Eye Candy: London Edition
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 14, 2011

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We’re taking a break from the American boys to focus on the fellas across the pond this Monday morning.

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s intense stare makes our hearts stop every time he looks into the camera.

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He keeps telling us he’s only going to break our hearts but we can’t help but stay in love with singer Taio Cruz. He’s obviously cast a spell on us.

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Actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje turns us into mush with his soft brown eyes and delicious dark chocolate complexion. Yummy.

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We’ve been eying actor Ricky Whittle for so long and we just can’t hold back anymore. Ricky, next time you’re in the States, give us a ring.

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Is Nigel Barker a photographer and judge on “America’s Next Top Model” or is he an added piece of eye candy? The show has had 15 seasons and we still can’t tell. He’s a big reason why we tune in year after year. … And you thought it was the fierce competition.

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We dug deep and found this gem — 28-year-old soccer player Jay Bothroyd, also known as… perfection. Those lips are begging to be kissed, and those ears are just asking to be nibbled on.

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With his sweet-as-honey vocals, passionate lyrics, sun-kissed brown skin and perfect smile, Seal has the key to our hearts.

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Twenty-seven-year-old actor Reggie Yates has been in the biz since he was eight and somehow he’s still maintained that famous baby face. Sweet and sexy, we love it!

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David Beckham is responsible for creating the whole sexy soccer player phenomenon. Before he came along we were too busy staring at the NBA and NFL players. We’re glad we looked away long enough to see this…

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Somehow the boy band has survived the new millennium in England and the troupe that’s at the top of their game is JLS. Looking at Ortise Williams — 1/4 of the band — we can see why.

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Ortise’s bandmate Marvin Humes isn’t half bad either. We want to reach out and touch those strong arms.

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And talk about baby faces — Jonathan Gill, also of JLS — has the cutest one of them all. Those big brown puppy dog eyes make us melt.

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Another soccer heartthrob — Carlton Cole is the reason we bought tickets to the World Cup. And even though England didn’t take home the title, the 6’4", dark, handsome striker is the champion of our hearts.

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We get lost in singer Lemar’s gorgeous gray eyes every time we look at him. And when the brother opens his mouth to sing, it’s over! Take a listen, girls. Nothing about this fine man disappoints.

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Who knew singer Craig David was working with all of that under there? We want to touch!

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We love that British singer Jay Sean’s music is beginning to cross over. We hope he settles on our side of the pond. We can’t wait to show you around town, Jay.

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Idris Elba is the new Denzel Washington. The man has no flaws and can do no wrong in our eyes. Come inside Idris, let’s get you out of those wet clothes.