Eye Candy: Sexy Celebrity Men In Their Thirties

Eye Candy: Celebrities Under Thirty
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 25, 2011

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We’re saluting a few fine celebs who are making it rain and making us swoon in their thirties — like Common. At 39, the rapper and actor travels between music and movies effortlessly and continues to speed up our heartbeats whether on the mic or on the big screen.

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At 30, Mechad Brooks is making his mark in Hollywood and in our hearts. That delicious chocolate complexion, those full and luscious lips, his much-talked-about physique all keep us rooting for him as he builds his career.

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Thirty-eight-year-old Idris Elba is tall, dark and too handsome for words. He’ll be our perfect man for many years to come.

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Usher’s been singing and dancing since he was a little boy. Now at 32, the supreme entertainer dances circles around his competition. We love a man who’s so on top of his game that he can’t be touched. We’ve got a couple moves for him to add to his routine.

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We know rappers like to stay young forever, but T.I. has shown some major growth by accepting responsibility for his actions. Nothing’s sexier than a guy who mans up when the time comes.

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Anthony Mackie’s twenties were all about laying the ground work. Now that he’s 31, we see this young actor really coming into his own. We hope he stays around for a very long time. We’re getting quite fond of those big brown eyes and that sexy, sly smile.

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At 37, Michael Ealy is not only gorgeous, he’s also talented and insightful and we love him for it. If only those blue eyes weren’t such a distraction.

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Tyrese transitioned easily from singer to talented actor and is even set to play Teddy Pendergrass in the late singer’s biopic. As long as the 32-year-old keeps that bright smile, he’ll stay in our hearts forever.

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To date, 33-year-old British-Nigerian actor Chiwetel Ejiofor has taken on some pretty heavy roles in “Salt” and “2010.” Maybe we can ease his mind a little bit — help him take a load off.

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Dwayne Johnson, 38, has been known for his intimidating physique — those bulging, rock hard abs, those hulk-sized biceps and that manly chest. But we’d like to get to know his big heart and stare into his puppy dog eyes.

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Are you surprised to see P.Y.T. Derek Luke on this list? Despite those devastatingly cute boyish looks, Luke is 36. Still, we wouldn’t mind romping with him the way we did in our college days.

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Yes Boris Kodjoe was already fine as a model in his twenties. Now that he’s a seasoned actor, loving husband and devoted father, he’s really got it going on. We’d like to trade places with Nicole Ari Parker for a moment.

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In his twenties, Laz Alonso worked on Wall Street and ran his own business. In his thirties he took on Hollywood and is becoming one of the hottest young actors in the game. Hmmm … We wonder if he brings that slow and steady approach to the bedroom.

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At 35, Andre Benjamin’s style and swagger can’t be matched. He’s always marched to the beat of his own drum and we love his individuality.

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We love a man that can keep his child-like sense of humor no matter how old he is. Isaiah Mustafa, 37, proved that he’s really a strapping, sexy, big kid inside with his viral videos for Old Spice.

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We’ve stared into Omar Epps’ deliciously dark and deep eyes for over a decade. There’s a certain level of confidence behind those big brown eyes now that makes us melt.

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Even in his twenties Maxwell seemed to know what he was doing in the bedroom. Just listen to “‘Til The Cops Come Knockin’.” Now that he’s 37, this young heart with an old soul is in his prime.

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At 37, Omari Hardwick seems to have perfected his craft and his strong and sexy body. His big shoulders and perfectly round biceps make us swoon, but it’s those lips that will keep us coming back for more year after year.

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As John Legend, 32, continues to create good music he becomes more soulful with each note. It’s clear why he’s considered the young Marvin Gaye; and just like with Marvin, we want to lay in bed and dream about him singing to us every night.

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Don’t let that baby face fool you. Lamman Rucker is 39 years old, but those cute dimples make us feel like school girls every time we look at him.

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Thirty-six-year-old Mekhi Phifer doesn’t step into the limelight very often anymore, but when he does he shines brightly.

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It’s not just Kanye West’s smooth chocolate complexion that keeps us captivated. It’s more like his complete determination to swag at all times — in fur coats and diamond jewelry — that keeps us paying attention to the Louis Vuitton don.