Eye Candy: Sexy Celeb Spottings At The VMAs

From the red carpet to the stage, these fellas kept it hot for this year's VMAs.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 31, 2015

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All hail the (future) King of the Lyons' legacy. Empire star Jussie Smolett was smoldering on the red carpet, ya'll!

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The "Best Video With A Social Message" winner shines.

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Let's all take a moment to enjoy Nicki's delicious taste in backup dancers for her opening performance at the VMAs. We would love to get to know this talented (and fit!) brothers better!

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Who wants to have coffee in the morning with this cutie pie? (Raises hand!) Miguel in the house!

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Steamy-stared crooner John Legend made a red carpet appearance.

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We spotted Straight Outta Compton star O'Shea Jackson Jr. on the red carpet at the VMAs. He's definitely making an appearance on our latest crush list.

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Pharrell rarely smiles for his photos, but we're still hooked on his sexy intensity and casual cute vibes.

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Rapper Tyga shows off his conscious tee on the red carpet.

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Hawaiian born heartthrob Bruno Mars looking dapper on stage to accept his award for "Best Male Video" for "Uptown Funk."