Eye Candy: The Sexy Cast of 'The Best Man Holiday'

The big screen moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. The brothers of the The Best Man are back and looking better than ever. Join us as we revisit their sexiness just in time for this week's release. See you at the theater, ladies!

Charli Penn Nov, 11, 2013

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Hollywood leading man Morris Chestnut has been the object of our affections since he played teen jock Ricky in Boyz N the Hood. Seriously, what's not to love about all this chocolate goodness? Chestnut reprises his role as Lance Sullivan in The Best Man Holiday.

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Morris Chestnut

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Chestnut is 44 and still as fine as ever. The gorgeous capricorn recently revealed that he had to spend a lot of time in the gym and watching what he ate to get into character since Lance Sullivan is a football player in top notch shape. Between us, we don't think he had to do much. He looks the part every day!

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The Hollywood heartthrob's bald head and beautiful skin are just a few of his sexiest traits. Which of Chestnut's features are your favorite?

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Speaking of desirable chocolate brothas, Taye Diggs also returns to the cast playing writer Harper Stewart. We can't lie, we're oh-so-jello of Sanaa Lathan, who's back to play his pregnant wife.

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Diggs' 17-year career began on Broadway and since making the switch to the big screen he's continuously nailed one hit performance after another.

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Diggs chucks the camera the deuces while spending some down time at an industry party. The studly actor has so many hot roles under his belt that we couldn't tell you which was our favorite if you paid us. Can you pick one? His turn as Stewart is definitely in the running for first place.

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One of Taye's most unforgettable features is definitely his winning smile which instantly dazzles and charms his female fans.

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Howard brings the heat to the big screen once again by taking on his swagalicous playboy Quenton, or "Q", who's back for more jokes, come ons and unsolicited advice we can't wait to hear.

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Howard's "Q" has a way with the ladies, and we're guessing it wasn't hard for him to get into character.

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Um, and did we mention this brotha can wear the heck out of a suit and tie? This caramel cutie has charm for days!

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Forty-four sure looks divine on Howard, who like Chestnut and Diggs seems to be aging in reverse. Can we please get the directions to the fountain of youth?

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Harold Perrineau returns as "Murch," but rumor has it that his character is way more assertive and in control than when we saw him last. It should be interesting to see a sexier and happier side of Julian. Wouldn't you agree?

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Perrineau represents with an impressive resume that includes starring roles on hit shows Lost and Oz among others.

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Perrineau's also a proud member of the Over 40 and Finer Than Ever club. No matter what your flavor, there's a hunk for everyone in this sexy cast.

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Eddie Cibrian is new to the cast. He plays the love interest of Nia Long's character Jordan Armstrong and we can't wait to see them turn up the heat onscreen.

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Cibrian began his career as a soap hunk (no surprise there!) on Sunset Beach. He's only gotten sexier, so it's no surprise the hard-to-please Jordan finds him easy on the eyes in Holiday.

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Cibrian's steamy stare has our full attention. Phew! Now that we've refamilairized you with this oh-so-sexy cast, are you as pumped as we are to head to the theaters on opening night? Click that "like" button if the answer is yes.