Eye Candy: Sexy Caribbean Men

Eye Candy: Sexy Caribbean Men
ESSENCE.COM May, 20, 2011

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We’re escaping the spring showers on the mainland for the warm sun and hot men of the Caribbean this Monday, starting with Barbadian-British soccer player Ashley Cole. What we wouldn’t do for an afternoon of basking in the sun on a private beach with him.

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Ashley Cole never made sports look so sexy. He’s got that masculine thing down!

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Arguably the sexiest man alive, Tyson Beckford, whose parents hail from Jamaica, has been mesmerizing us with his almond-shaped eyes, curvy lips and sensational body for decades now. Now 40 years old, he keeps getting sexier with age.

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Sure Tyson is known for his good looks, but ladies we hear it’s all about his charm!

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Puerto Rican actor Adam Rodriguez keeps us tuning into “CSI: Miami” season after season for those succulent pink lips and that confident swagger that all Caribbean men seem to have.

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Adam Rodriguez makes all the ladies swoon with his Latin sex appeal. We just can’t get enough of this hunk!

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How did Lenny Kravitz get so fine? He got his stunning looks and major sex appeal from his Bahamian-American mother Roxie Roker of course.

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Haitian model and actor Jimmy-Jean Louis is the epitome of perfection. That smooth bald head, that strong square jaw, those sultry dark eyes and lusciously full lips add up to one striking man.

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Jimmy-Jean Louis is oh so sexy in this purple. Ladies, he’s the perfect actor with that chiseled jaw.

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NFL player Myron Rolle can take us back home to the Bahamas with him any time. We’d give it all up for a simpler kind of life with him.

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Myron Rolle is the perfect NFL player in our book. Girl, in those tights he scores a touch down!

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What woman hasn’t fantasized about Dominican baseball player Alex Rodriguez and his mesmerizing stare and strong major league buns. Oh what a night that would be!

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We’re drawn to Damian Marley’s rugged, rastaman swag, but it’s his conscious message and the way he carries his father’s legacy that really intrigues us.

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Bahamian-American actor Dorian Missick may still be navigating his path in Hollywood, but he’s already found a way to our hearts. We’d like to his leading ladies in a romantic film set on the beach, with “Blue Lagoon” kind of feel.

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When you’re the fastest man in the world women kind of flock to you. We’d like to slow things down a bit with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt — you know set the mood before we speed things way, way up.

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Don’t let the baby face fool you, Jamaican tennis player Dustin Brown is a force to be reckoned with on the court. We can’t stop swooning over his free-swinging dread locks and sun-kissed complexion when he plays.

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Former basketball player Rick Fox’s Bahamian roots shine through in his dashing smile and starry eyes.

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Mr. Fox gets sexier and sexier with each passing year. Just look at those puppy eyes!

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Oraine Barrett is the model of our dreams! He’s so good looking and so super sexy. He can go from a suit to a tank top with ease.

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Jamaican model Oraine Barrett is the new Tyson Beckford. That smooth dark chocolate complexion goes so well with those delicious lips and mouth watering muscles.