Eye Candy: Sexy and Shirtless Men

Eye Candy: Sexy Summer Beach Bodies
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 31, 2011

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Idris “accidentally” tweeted this steamy self portrait during for #TAD (Twitter after Dark) and we’re oh-so glad he did!

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112 lead singer Q Parker heads to the ocean to show off his sexy.

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Ah, now we see how he achieved such a fantastic physique. Don’t you just love a brother who put that time in the gym?

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Now let’s enjoy the rear view of all that upper body perfection, ladies.

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The champ’s boxing physique reigns supreme!

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New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire reveals a his tone and tatted upper body on a Miami beach. Amar’e would it be too forward for us to ask you to please do so more often?

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The Old Spice man heats things up on the red carpet showing off his signature abs.

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If you thought that last peek was awesome, check out the full picture here. Isn’t it a pretty one?

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Even in motion, Isaiah’s muscles look spectacular, and judging from his smirk in this picture, we’re certain he knows he’s showing of his best assets.

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In the famous words of the sultry singer, “OMG!” and “Yeah!”

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Former Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Ochocinco is bringing all this goodness to New England this season as he joins the Patriots’ roster. We can’t wait to watch him in action!

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Even without his Miami Heat jersey on NBA star Lebron James brings the steam to Miami. Spotted here taking a stroll on a local beach.

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Los Angeles Clipper star forward Blake Griffin left the ladies in awe recently when he was spotted cooling off sans shirt on a Miami beach.

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Oh what we would have given to be the lucky one behind the camera snapping this photo of the super sexy singer.

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Tyrese poses to perfection in this steamin’ hot Louis Vuitton ad. All we know is we want whatever it is he’s selling.

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Tyson has been a top model for over 20 years but it looks like those puppies haven’t aged a bit!

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What’s that? You wanted to see a little more Tyson? We did too — enjoy!

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The soulful singer gives his female fans more than an eyeful at a recent performance.

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Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe looks beyond irresistable in this one. When does the NFL season start again?

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There wasn’t a head that didn’t turn when actor Shemar Moore was spotted strolling along a Miami beach glistening and gorgeous.

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Shemar;s satchel strap doesn’t distract at all from the glorious abs beneath it. Ladies, will you look at that?

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Nelly’s upper body looks so good eve he had to snap a picture of it!

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Singer Mario once posted this sexy TwitPic of himself shirtless playing the guitar. We’re guessing his female fans went retweet crazy.

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You didn’t think we’d wrap things up with out one last yummy Tyson photo did you? We did promise you we wouldn’t disappoint, right?

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Actor Lamman Rucker has it all — talent, good looks, and all this goodness up top!

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On a recent vacation with a lady friend actor/singer/heartthrob Jamie Foxx enjoys a shirtless lunch much to the delight of onlookers.

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The singer goofs off with friends on the beach during a little down time.

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‘Lil’ no more, Romeo shows off for paparazzi.

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Male model Miguel Perdomo is a picture of perfection whenever he leaves his shirt behind.