Eye Candy: The Sexiest NBA Players of 2012

As we gear up for the official start of the new NBA season, let's take a moment to pay tribute to our favorite hoop dreams. These brothers got game!

Charli Penn Oct, 29, 2012

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Miami Heat point guard Dwyane Wade might just be the sexiest player in the league (no disrespect, Gabrielle!). His fans lovingly refer to him as "D-Wade," but when the smooth baller is nearby, there's always more staring than speaking going on.

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After Tyson Chandler showed off his perfect physique in ESPN's 2012 Body Issue, there was no doubt that his 7'1'' stature is a winner! His upcoming season with the New York Knicks is must-see TV. 

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This summer, six-time NBA All-Star Dwight Howard left the Orlando Magic squad to join the Los Angeles Lakers, and we must say, the gold jersey is really looking good on him. We can't tell what's more distracting — those arms or that smile.

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Houston Rockets rookie Royce White is a bearded babe — the more facial fuzz, the better. We can't wait to see him shine in the NBA, just like he did during his days playing for Iowa State. (Watch out, Common. The competition's coming.)

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Derrick Rose's stunning physique is unmistakable on the court. Just looking at this man will make you an instant Chicago Bulls fan.

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Damian Lillard may be one of the Portland Trail Blazers' rookies, but his intensity, plus that beefed-up body, makes it hard to believe he hasn't been a pro for years. 

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Bryant is a mainstay on our annual NBA cuties countdown, and for good reason. We've been crushing over those long lashes and that perfect smile since we first laid eyes on him on the court. Take it to the hoop, Kobe! We'll be right there waiting for you.

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Arron Afflalo is a Los Angeles native with a to-die-for smile. He currently plays for the Orlando Magic, which is a perfect fit considering we think he's unbelievable!

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And the award for the most kissable lips in the NBA goes to: Texan Wesley Matthews, who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. Now we know what Kanye West meant about dripping swagu... We see you, Wesley!

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Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook has become a fashion icon in his own right. His bold style and dreamy eyes make him a true a work of art. For now, he's still on the injured list for the new season, but we're rooting for a full recovery so we can see him on the court again real soon.

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Boston Celtics fans are in for a treat each season when the spotlight shines on small forward Courtney Lee.

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Tall, caramel cutie Blake Griffin plays power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers. Would it be too forward of us to ask if he's single? Because we know quite a few women who would like to put in an application to be his one and only.

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Chocoholics, listen up: Dallas Mavericks power forward Elton Brand will satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Phoenix Suns shooting guard Shannon Brown's lips deserve a time out all their own, and those bulging biceps are a real scene-stealer. His wife Monica is one lucky, lucky lady!

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With his smooth skin and sultry stare, Dallas Mavericks small forward Dahntay Jones brings the heat to the court. Hi there, handsome!

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New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony had us at "hello." Those dreamy eyes and those squeezable cheeks are an instant hit with the ladies.

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Los Angeles Clippers Player Chris Paul

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As the small forward for the Miami Heat, last season "King James" helped lead his team all the way to a championship. Click the "like" button if the only thing you remember about the finals is LeBron. (Wink!)

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When Kendall Marshall steps onto the scene, the ladies stop and stare. His eye-catching smile and Southern charm have made him one of the sexiest rookies on this year's roster.

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Brooklyn Nets baller Deron Williams is oh-so-easy on the eyes. The hunky point guard stands tall at 6 foot, 3 inches,  and never hits the court without his A-game.

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Justin Harper plays power forward for the Orlando Magic, and we sure do feel the force. His arms are cut to perfection and his smile is #winning!

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Festus Ezel of the Golden State Warriors definitely knows how to turn up the heat when he hits the court. You can never have too much chocolate when it looks this good. Festus, where have you been all our lives?

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Ohio native Stephen Curry makes the ladies swoon whenever he takes it to the hoop for the Golden State Warriors.

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With his sexy jaw line and endless swagger, Kevin Durant keeps things exciting when the Oklahoma City Thunder's on the court. OKC! OKC!

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Ladies, if you haven't met Chicago Bulls power forward Taj Gibson, you better get to know the Brooklyn native now. He's a lifelong member of the bald and beautiful club.

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The Boston Celtics point guard (look at those chiseled biceps!) means business on the court.

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Devin Harris is the sexy new guard on the Atlanta Hawks' squad. (He was traded from the Utah Jazz this summer.) You better guard your hearts, ladies, because that smile of his is a real charmer.

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Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson keeps fans glued to the game with his almond eyes and sturdy physique.

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Jermaine Taylor's flawless skin and ripped arms make him very easy on the eyes. This is his first season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and from the looks of it, he's already fitting in quite nicely!

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At just 26 years old, Sundiata Gaines travels the court like a veteran. This Indiana Pacer brings the sexy every game.