Eye Candy: The Sexiest Men Of Fall TV 2014

The fall TV lineup is chock-full of sexy stars to keep us tuning in all season long. Meet the men who will keep you glued to your screens.

Charli Penn Sep, 29, 2014

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Epps is back in season two os ABC's Resurrection which promises is even more jaw-dropping, heart stopping moments than the first season. Here's to hoping Epps' agent is the first one called to the scene.

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Our favorite trainer is keeping things hot on The Biggest Loser once again. He can push us harder any time. (Wink!) Catch him Thursday nights on NBC.

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Judging from the season premiere of the show, we can already tell that actor Billy Brown will keep things hot (and scandalous!) on ABC's How To Get Away With Murder playing Nate Lahey, a detective and the secret lover of Viola Davis' leading lady, criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating. We can't wait to see more!

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Three words: Shemar Franklin Moore. Need we say more? Criminal Minds returns to CBS on Wednesday, October 1st.

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The model-turned-actor has really found his groove in comedic acting on The Real Husbands Of Hollywood and his picture-perfect smile, smooth caramel skin and tone physique drive us crazy. The hubbys return with a reunion special to kick off season 3 on Oct. 7 on BET.

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When dreamy doc Jackson Avery walks the halls at his hospital on Grey's Anatomy, he's guranteed to steam your screens. Plus, he's known to partake in a shirtless romp in the break room every now and then too, and who would want to miss that? The new season is back and we're loving every second of it.

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Chicago-born actor Eltony Williams is another hunk on the cast of If Loving You Is Wrong. He plays Randal and we have our eye on him.

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He may be married to Chandra Wilson's brilliant and boasty doc, Dr. Bailey, on Grey's Anatomy, but in our fantasies when we "play doctor" Jason George is single and all ours.

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Actor Tone Bell plays court officer Tedward in the new comedy series Bad Judge. We're excited to watch a drama about all of the drama that goes on behind the scenes on those civil court shows. Admit it, you're curious too! Catch him on the series premiere, Thursday, Oct. 2 at 9p.m. EST.

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We have a confession: We have a crush on the newest judge on NBC's The Voice. Can we be on your team Pharrell?

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Jessie T. Usher stars in one of the most-anticipated new fall shows, Survivor's Remorse on STARZ. It promises to chronicle the life of an NBA star who made it big and has to deal with balancing the familial pressures that come along with it. Usher plays lead character Cam Calloway.

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Actor RonReaco Lee joins the cast of Survivor's Remorse on STARZ playing Reggie Vauhn, the loyal and watchful cousin of the hoop star keeping the family living well.

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You know why the ladies love cool James? Because he never disappoints on screen. Tune in for another solid season of him taking names in the streets of L.A. on NCIS: Los Angeles, which returns tonight on CBS.

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After his character, Dr. Gallant, was killed off in the war on ER back in 2006, we missed Atkins' face. He teased us again playing a telepath in The 4400, but when that was cancelled, we weren't sure where we'd see him next. Until, we found White Collar, where he plays Special Agent Clinton Jones.

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Standup comedian Dawan Owens plays Quan on Tyler Perry's sexy new OWN drama If Loving You Is Wrong. Hello, gorgeous! New episodes of the hit series airing now.

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Damon Jr. is keeping up the family tradition, pursuing comedy and starring in projects like New Girl, Big Hero 6, Let's Be Cops, and Happy Endings.

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Did we mention the cast of If Loving You Is Wrong is filled with heartthrobs? Oh, we did? Well, here's one more reason to watch. Actor Malik Whitfield plays Lushion on the show.

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Eye Candy alum Denzel Wells keeps things interesting on If Loving You Is Wrong with a reoccurring role we can't wait to see more of. Hunk alert!

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Michael Jai White (middle) reprises his role as Angela's husband Marcus and things are just as complicated as ever for him both at home and work. Kent Faulcon (right) and Jason Olive return as Richard Ellington and Joseph Jetson, who are Marcus' co-workers on his sports show. The comedy, which originally debuted on TBS, calls OWN home these days.

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Hill Harper gives off grown and sexy vibes no matter whay role he plays. We loved him on CSI: NY and we're even crazier about his role as CIA station chief Calder Michaels on Covert Affairs. Let's catch some bad guys!

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If you tuned in to the series premiere of ABC's How to Get Away With Murder last week you're already familiar with this cutie pie. Say hello to actor Alfred Enoch who plays law-student (murderer?) Wes Gibbins. Catch him Thursday nights at 10p.m. EST.

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On FOX's New Girl Morris plays quirky roomate Winston who keeps us smiling. Any more roommates wanted? We're suddenly thinking our lease might be up soon. (Wink!)

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We've had a crush on Martin's good looks and sexy charm since the 90s, and that won't ever change. (Shh! Don't tell Tisha!) Catch him back again for season 3 of Real Husbands Of Hollywood.

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We love a sexy brotha with a sense of humor who can make us laugh, and Mr. Hart has all of those areas covered on Real Husbands Of Hollywood. Did we miss your fall TV crush? Add them to our list below!