Eye Candy: Sexiest Men of 2010

Eye Candy: Sexiest Men of 2010
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 03, 2010

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This year was jam packed with delicious men, from the sugary sweet sound of John Legend’s voice on “Wake Up!” to the tasty delight of Mechad Brooks’ abs in Calvin Klein advertisements. Let’s take a look at the guys who made our hearts in 2010.

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Everyone is talking about Michael B. Jordan’s role as footballer Vince on “Friday Night Lights,” especially those mouth-watering locker room scenes. We live his boyish looks and luscious full lips.

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We’ve been smitten with Omari Hardwick since his big strong arms and captivating stare flashed across our TV screens in “Deep Blue.” Now that he’s making the transition to film we couldn’t be happier to see all of his sexiness on the big screen.

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All hail the All Spice guy — Isaiah Mustafa had us all looking at our men and then looking back at him. Those pecs deserve their own TV commercial.

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We like Lenny Kravitz for his edginess, his perfect lips and beautiful 46-year-old body. We love him for his heart. In 2010, he put his music where his mouth is, raising money those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We love a giver.

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Aside from traveling around the world to help promote his superstar kids, Will smith has been working on “Men In Black 3” and “Independence 2,” in 2010. He just gets better with each passing year.

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T.I. has the swag and the confidence to admit when he is wrong and to pay for his transgressions. Humility is sexy on a man.

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Every woman loves a man who can pull himself up and get back in the game. El DeBarge did just that this year, delivering a hit comeback album, “Second Chance.” For that, baby, you deserve twice as much love and affection.

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Drake has been unstoppable in 2010. His album “Thank Me Later” reached number 1 on the Billboard 100 chart in the first week of his release. We love a man with mass appeal. His cute baby face and thick, pink lips have all the girls singing, “Baby you the best.”

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In 2009 Maxwell made the comeback of the year with his album “BLACKsummes’night.” In 2010, he won two out of the six Grammy Awards he was nominated for. We want to make sweet, sweet music with him.

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Eric Benet’s sweet falsetto has played in our bedrooms a number of times in 2010. It seems he came back stronger, without losing his edge.

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Idris Elba is the total package with a sexy British accent, deep voice, luscious chocolate complexion and dreamy eyes. Not to mention, this brother can act his behind off.

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Don Cheadle is in a league of his own. His movie “Iron Man 2” grossed $133.6 in its first weekend and he’s working on a Miles Davis biopic. We love a man with versatility under his belt.

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Trey Songz had us thinking he invented sex this year. Did you see the video of him giving Ciara a massage on stage? Um, Trey, excuse me, um Trey, do you think you can do that to us sometime?

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We’ve had plenty of chances to see actor Mechad Brooks’ abs in 2010 — Calvin Klein, marathons, every scene in “True Blood” — but we can’t stop staring. This man is fwoiine!

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Lamman Rucker is every woman’s dream man. tall and ripped with smooth chocolate skin and sweet dimples. We’re betting he raised ticket sales to “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?”

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Now that everyone’s coupled up on Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams is the main reason we keep watching. We just keep waiting for him to slip out of those scrubs and into our hearts.

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Although we only got to see Boris on the TV screen for a few weeks in his new now-cancelled show “Undercovers,” visions of him are forever embedded in our minds.

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Do we even need to explain why Blair Underwood is the man? His new show “The Event” is super popular and his gorgeous looks are getting better and better as the years go by, like a fine wine.

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No one’s happier than us to have had so much Michael Ealy in our lives in 2010. The blue-eyed heartthrob starred in two hit films and made a number of TV appearances. Don’t ever leave us, baby.

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Jay-Z’s street swag, mixed with his creative mind and business savvy makes him irresistible. Love him or hate him, Sean Carter was the man in 2010, finishing off the year right with his autobiography, “Decoded.”

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Usher seems to be enjoying the single life in 2010. His hit tune “OMG” became the song of summer. He’s been showing off his chiseled abs and MJ moves on stages all over the world and he’s being a great dad. What’s sexier than that?

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Yes, everyone was sad when Lance and Eva broke up, but deep down we all were thinking, “Yes! He’s single.”