Eye Candy: The Sexiest Man of the Year Is...Shemar Moore!

From walking the red carpet to relaxing on the beach, no matter what Shemar Moore did this year, he looked amazing doing it. So great, in fact, that our team unanimously deemed him ESSENCE.com's Sexiest Man of the Year. Take a look back at his "finest" moments of 2012!

Charli Penn Dec, 17, 2012

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Small-screen-king Shemar Moore has no shortage of spectacular features, and his dazzling smile always tops the list. Admit it. The actor’s infectious grin is always right on time. Baby, we love your smile.

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Whenever Moore wasn’t doing his thing on-set, this spring and summer, fans who frequent the Miami Beach coastline could find him shirtless and basking in the sun on the shore.

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Only a man who knows exactly what he's working with beneath his shirt would be fearless enough to rip it off when asked while taping Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. That's exactly what Moore did during a special 12/12/12 taping.

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Those shoulders..that chest...those arms.. and, oh, those legs. There are at least four immediate distractions in this photo. Shemar, you know exactly what you're doing.

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Moore stars on CBS's hit crime-drama Criminal Minds, where he's currently playing FBI agent Derek Morgan for the seventh season. On the show, he makes apprehending the bad guys look so good that, at times, we can't remember if we're watching an action drama or a steamy romance.

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Exactly how does Moore manage to stay so perfectly camera-ready all the time? It must have a little something to do with the fact that he began his Hollywood career modeling, then landed the popular role of heartthrob Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless. (Like, you could forget!)

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Never one to shy away from a paparazzi camera, here Moore flashes his finest abs for fans. Oh, boy, it's getting real hot in here. Towel, please!

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Even on a bike (with a pink basket!) fitness nut Moore has zero problem striking a manly, muscle-heavy pose. We love a man who understands the importance of taking care of his body. Moore puts the work in at the gym, and it shows!

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Casual cutie Moore was spotted mid-grocery run on a sunny Saturday. Hey gorgeous, what's for dinner?

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California native Moore strikes a pose aboard a boat at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in France.

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Did you think we wouldn't rewind that beach moment one more time? There's no such thing as too much of good thing when it comes to Moore.

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Just one look at Moore’s winning smile is enough to put one on our faces.

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Moore may love a motorcycle, but it's his bicycle that's closest to his heart. His mom suffers from multiple sclerosis and each year he and his Criminal Minds castmates participate in the Bike MS cycling series to raise money for the cause.

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As much as ladies love getting a glance at a shirtless Moore, he’s proven time and time again he’s a stunner even when he’s fully clothed.

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We're not sure who's cuter. Moore, shown here with a furry friend at the Denim & Diamonds Autism Benefit, or that puppy? That's a tough one!

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Moore does sexy sophistication well, so it’s no surprise he’s dated leading ladies like Halle Berry and Toni Braxton in the past. Shemar, we look forward to seeeing much more of you (both on an off screen) in the New Year!