Eye Candy: Ray Edwards

Eye Candy: Ray Edwards
ESSENCE.COM May, 28, 2011

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When the NFL presented Ray Edwards and other NFL stars with the lockout, Ray didn’t waste time feeling sorry for himself. Instead he used his new-found free time to catapult himself into the world of boxing.

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Ray says he always wanted to box, but couldn’t afford the sport when he was younger. Now that he can he’s loving his time in the ring. And we’re loving that he’s found a sport that allows him to keep his shirt off.

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Bowling was Ray’s first love, he tells us. He chose football for the discipline and hard work. “I like working hard,” he admits. "I like working out and I like the camaraderie with the guys the memories that you make.

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A self-disciplined man who likes to work hard at anything he does, Ray says he learned his values from his grandfather who he lived with from the age of 13.

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Ray just launched a new clothing line called True Ink. Although he’s into fashion from a business standpoint, he considers his own style, “very laid back…I’m pretty much in jogging suits every day.”

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Ray’s fashion sense falls in line with his lifestyle. If he’s not working out and conditioning, he’s probably hanging out at home watching movies with his new son Able and his dog Diamond.

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When it comes to his body, Ray says he’s most proud of his arms. But the ladies have something else to say. “Women always compliment me on my butt,” he tells us. We can see why.

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We’d also argue that Ray has a pair of the most kissable lips we’ve ever seen.

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“I don’t mind people thinking I’m a sex symbol,” Ray says. “I work out hard. This is how I want my body to look. It’s healthy.” It’s delicious!

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If you want to steal Ray’s heart, you’ve got to be faithful. Ray says he appreciates a woman who is “loyal, honest and non-judgmental” above all.

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Ray says women with “an athletic build” always get his attention. He’s a sucker for a “nice butt and strong legs.”

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“A date with me is priceless,” Ray laughs. When he’s taking a lady out Ray sticks to the tradition of dinner and a movie with a few twists.

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“We’d start out with a nice dinner. Then, I like jazz so we’d go listen to some live jazz. Then if it’s still early we could go to the movies,” He lays out the scenario.

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“Then if she’s my lady, we’d end the night by going home to a candle-lit bubble bath,” he continues. Hey Ray, what are you doing next Friday night?