Eye Candy: Q. Parker

Eye Candy: Q. Parker
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 23, 2011

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After making a name for himself in the 90’s as one-fourth of the hit R&B group 112, Q. Parker went on to launch a solo career and become known for his steamy fitness calendars. This year he’ll release his first solo album The MANual, and ladies all over are falling for him and his hot new single “Show You How.”

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Just when you want to wonder why Q. Parker chose to hide all of that delicious ab action beneath his shirt, you stop, and realize all that matters is that he’s not playing hide and seek anymore.

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Q. tells us that it’s that original R&B sound he’s most after with his new album, and by bringing it back, he promises he’ll show fans his unique musical style and the best he has to offer.

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Those lips need no introduction.

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Q. isn’t just hitting the gym to impress folks, he’s truly committed to healthy living for him and his family.

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Rise and shine, ladies. We’re getting you all worked up this morning with the best Q. has to offer. We’re about to raise your heart-rate.

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We always knew he was the sexy chocolate guy from 112, but we had no idea he was sporting a six-pack until now. Q. says fitness has always been important to him, but “when I became a member of 112, I really started to pay attention to my body.”

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“I made it a point to say, ‘If I’m going to be singing love songs and these sexual songs, I want to make sure there’s something good to look at,’” Q. tells us. It looks like it worked from where we’re sitting.

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Q. says he got the idea to make fitness calendars because he wanted to do his part to help Americans get fit. From the looks of those muscles, we’d say, “You’ve done good, Q. You’ve done real good.”

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It’s been seven years since 112’s last album, Pleasure and Pain, dropped, but Q. says life for him hasn’t slowed down at all. He’s gearing up to release his solo album, “The MANual,” this summer and he’s constantly touring with his band mates and working in the studio.

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“I chose ‘The MANual’ because I wanted to give a ‘How To’ guide on how a woman should be treated,” Q. says of his upcoming release. “To let women know that chivalry isn’t dead and that there are still some gentlemen out here.”

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Q. says his album is for his female fans so they can “know how they should require a man to treat them.” Thanks, boo.

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The sexy crooner says the album touches on matters of the heart, like intimacy — “It’s knowing that intimacy doesn’t always mean sex. It’s a state of mind and a feeling and an emotion.” Preach, Q! Every woman’s heart just melted.

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We hate to break it to you ladies, but Q. is married. He says being a family man “shifts your priorities.”

“As I’ve matured, it’s something that I hold very dear to me and I make sure that I allot the necessary time for balance,” he says.

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And yes, ladies, Q. is handling his business at home. “I am a romantic,” he reveals. “I believe in the bubble baths, rose petals and champagne and candle-lit dinners and massages and just making sure every aspect of a woman’s body is attended to.” …Drooling…

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“If you listen to any of the 112 records you will know that my imagination is out cold,” Q. says. “For me to write ‘U Already Know’ or ‘Anywhere’ I had to experience these things. You can’t just think of this stuff.” He’s got a point.

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Q. says he prides himself on being “well groomed,” from getting mani-pedis to making sure his haircut is always fresh and his clothes are always ironed. “I always have to have the look of a confident guy who knows who he is,” he says. You look the part, baby.

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And Q. appreciates confidence in women too. “With confidence comes sex appeal, beauty, class [and] a sexy walk. Confidence just pinpoints so many other qualities,” he stresses.

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Being that he’s all about love, we hit Q. up for some relationship advice. “You have to take it one day at a time,” he told us. “Over time it will show you what it really is. Don’t put dates on it. Don’t try to make something. Just take it one day at a time and leave yesterday in yesterday.”

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With things looking up in the fitness and music categories, Q.’s been thinking of giving acting and fashion a try. He definitely wants to create his own line of eye wear in the next few years.
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