Eye Candy: Professional Host Kevin Thompson

Industry insiders call hunky host Kevin Thompson "the Black Ryan Seacrest." Find out why we can't take our eyes of the rising star. Meet our newest #MCM!

Charli Penn Jul, 21, 2014

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Professional host Kevin Thompson, 26, is a proud resident of Brooklyn, New York, and home is where his heart is. “I love the bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches at the local deli,” he shares. “It's $2.50! That's unheard of.”

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Comedian and host Thompson grew up in a Carribean household filled with family. He's a twin and the fourth of nine children! “My family is Jamaican to be exact,” he shares. “It's not that they don't believe in contraception, it's just that contraception isn’t one of the three things they'd bring along if they were stranded on a deserted island.” Ha!

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“I believe a woman’s sexiest qualities are her teeth and her curves, but not necessarily in that order,” says Thompson.

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“I am turned on by the kind of woman who looks like the mother of my son,” says proud papa Thompson. “I absolutely refuse to let these questions bring disharmony into my home.” Smart man!

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“I was a part of the highest honor society in St. John's University - The President’s Society,” says Thompson. “My membership allowed me to meet former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. I told him an inappropriate joke about chocolate and he sincerely laughed. At least, I think he was being sincere.”

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“My pancakes are delicious,” Thompson tells us. “I’m also really good at ordering Chinese food. I have six Chinese restaurants saved in my phone under ‘_____ Garden’ even if the business’ name doesn't have the word 'Garden' in it. Heck, I'm eating Chinese food right now!”

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Thompson really is the host with the most, when he's not working as the host of BET's "CLAIM TO FAME" game show app, he spend his Friday nights hosting local events and parties.

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I have a nine-month-old son named Karter Dean Thompson,” says Thompson. “I gave him his initials and his mother gave him his name.”

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“When I was eight years old I had a vision that told me I was supposed to pass away at age 25,” says Thompson. “Instantly, I became the class clown in school. Just imagine how different you'd be if you knew the age you were going to die. It was a very dark secret that I only told to a handful of friends and family. Luckily, I was wrong. I turned 26 last October. It turns out I wasn't supposed to die at 25, but rather, give life. I must have my mother’s astigmatism because my vision was so off.”

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“In real life, the coolest place I’ve ever traveled to is New Orleans for community service,” says Thompson. “I had previously done hundreds of service hours with my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, but New Orleans was epic. I helped gut houses and entertain the youth. The children of the 7th and 9th Wards are forever embedded in my college memories.”

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“A perfect date would entail us doing something competitive,” says Thompson. “I don't necessarily like to compete, but I love to engage in fake trash talk. So, it would have to be either bowling or a knock-down drag-out game of Connect Four - you know, something cool. I love to laugh, so we'd go to an improv show at the UCB Theatre, home to the best improv in NYC hands down.  Then we'd end the night talking about the show at a seafood restaurant. I could probably eat shrimp and lobster every day for the rest of my life.  Hopefully she's allergic so I can eat her share, too. I'm only half-kidding.”

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“I haven't been single since I was 16,” says Thompson. “My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly 10 years. You're probably thinking, "Man, when is she going to man up and marry him already."

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Thompson actually minored in Creative Writing. “Now I write sketches for my sketch team, Naturally Delicious,” eh says. “We put on a show the second Wednesday of each month. As for drawing, I used to do it all the time. I was even the art director for a show in my high school.”

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Thompson likes to work out while he’s watching his favorite shows. “My rule is, if you miss a day, you pay for it the next day,” says Thompson. “Dancing is something I do all the time, so I'll say that's my trick. I even have a happy dance and my son has one, too.”

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“I ran track for several years, so 2013 was actually the first time that I've been a member of a gym,” says Thompson. “I mostly work out at home, but I try to get to the gym two or three times per week.”

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“The thrill of it all is what inspires me to keep going,” says Thompson. “I’m on such a high when I'm in front of people. The biggest high I've ever felt was hosting cosmetic giant Nivea's New Year’s Eve party at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. I know how big a deal it is to be in Times Square on that night, let alone, host the party. This will be my third, consecutive year hosting.”