Eye Candy: Professional Dancer, Up-and-Coming Singer Alvester

Professional dancer and singer-songwriter Alvester knows how to bring the heat. When he’s not putting fans in a trance with his sexy dance moves, he’s making love to the mic in his signature “rock and blues” sound. Meet our crush of the week!

Charli Penn Jan, 28, 2013

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As a professional dancer who has graced the stage with top divas like Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Rihanna, this man is such a hot topic in the industry that he need only go by one name—Alvester. Say hello to our latest crush. He’s a triple threat. The dancer, singer and musician has a way with the ladies, and we’re about to show you why!

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Although he now resides in Los Angeles, cutie-pie Alvester hails from sexy, sunny Miami, where he studied at the Miami City Ballet School before going on to dance for the Atlanta Ballet. All of this training prepared him to take his career to the next level and join top female artists on tour as a lead dancer and instant on-stage eye candy.

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Wondering why you know this face? You’ve seen Alvester bust a move in big films like Footloose, Leave it On the Floor, Stomp the Yard and Center Stage. The man knows how to move his body!

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Alvester is an R&B singer, but in his case, the “r” stands for “rock.” “I have an affinity for rock music and I grew up on R&B, so I’m trying to mesh the two,” he says. “If you take a little bit of Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, and Marvin Gaye’s rasp, I think you’ll have me. I call it rock and B.”

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“I feel like I have a lot to say, and most of my songs are about love and relationships,” says Alvester. “Being on the road and not being able to be in love like I want to leaves me with a lot of things I want to see. My music is how I best represent my feelings.”

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Alvester chose to study ballet because the rebel inside him refused to believe others when they told him he couldn’t. “I grew up in the real Miami,” he says. “Not pretty South Beach. I broke the mold. It wasn’t typical for a young African-American kid to choose something like ballet, and I had the opportunity to go, yet I was pushed to do something more gender-fitting. I didn’t like that. I did what I wanted.”

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Alvester enjoys dancing, and it pays the bills, but singing is his true passion. When he’s not dancing in top commercials (lookout for him in Beyonce’s new Pepsi commercial!), he splits his time between Philadelphia and NYC while he records new material.

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“I love my career,” he tells us, when asked what it’s really like to work alongside some of the biggest stars in the business. “I really couldn’t do anything else. By the grace of God, all I’ve ever done is perform. I couldn’t ask for more. It’s surreal sometimes. When I’m in the middle of it, sometimes I just have to stop and remember to take it all in.”

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At 26, Alvester admits to have already had his share of heartbreak. But don't worry ladies—he’s not discouraged. Although he's 100-percent devoted to launching his recording career at the moment, he won’t turn cupid away. “Finding love would be nice,” he says.

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You can hear Alvester’s sultry sound on YouTube anytime. (Just search “Alvester Martin”!) “I like to test the music by giving it to fans first,” he admits. We love his sexy cover of his favorite jam, Bruno Mar’s “Locked Out of Heaven.” It’s a must-listen!

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It takes five days a week in the gym to look this good shirtless and Alvester says he has no trouble making it a part of his routine.

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Pursuing two career dreams at once can keep anyone busy, but when Alvester gets time alone, he enjoys being in the great outdoors. He has an affinity for rock climbing and hiking and he can never resist a relaxing beach moment.

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“I’m very observant,” says Alvester. “Working with Beyonce on so many projects has taught me a lot. She’s such an amazing artist and I noticed the way she works. I wanted to gain whatever I could from being in that position.”

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Alvester is on the move ladies, but can you keep up? Seriously, this hunk runs seven miles a day, three days a week just to burn off energy and stay fit.

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“People keep me inspired,” he says. “I’m moving so much, that sometimes I just sit back and people watch rather than say what’s on my mind. When I do that, those around me just inspire me.”

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