Eye Candy Pop Quiz: Can You Guess The Sexy Celeb?

Ladies, it's time to test your skills. How well do you know your favorite celeb crush? Tell us which hunk is hidden in each photo.

Charli Penn Jun, 24, 2013

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This trainer-turned-reality TV star whips people into shape for a living, but his side-job is making female fans swoon. As far as we're concerned, the super-stacked hearthrob is always a "winner." Do you know who it is?

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Answer: Sexy The Biggest Loser trainer and celebrity fitness model Dolvett Quince.

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Although his thoughts are "criminal," this smooth, tan and tempting leading man's only crime is breaking hearts for the last 15-years. There isn't a woman in Hollywood who wouldn't want to be the oil on his body that day. Which former soap star are we drooling over?

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Answer: Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore.

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When it comes to the ladies, this hunky British film and TV actor can do no wrong. The former ESSENCE cover star doesn't even need to take off his shirt to leave Black women all over the world running around in a frenzy. When he's not breaking hearts onscreen, he's winning them over on the dance floor while he spins tunes. Can you guess who?

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Answer: TV star Idris Elba.

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Which "stone-cold" heartthrob plays it "fast and furious" onscreen but in real life makes the ladies weak with his big smile, giant musclelicious arms and his even bigger heart?

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Answer: G.I. Joe Retaliation star Dwayne Johson. (As if you didn't already know!)

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This hip hop hottie has made quite a name for himself in both the musical and acting industries. He may live in Hollywood, but he'll always have love for his "around the way girls." Guess who!

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Answer: Rapper and NCIS: Los Angeles star LL Cool J.

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Which top baller (and his washboard abs) were spotted strolling the Miami beaches? Need another hint? Whether he's starring in Kia Optima commericals or taking it to the hoop on the court, he's always easy on the eyes.

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Answer: Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin.

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This Afro-Cuban cutie pie has a way of driving us wild when he steps in front of the cameras. Even as we watched him  "jump the broom" we couldn't help but want him even more. Can you tell us which latino actor we're concealing here?

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Answer: Deception star Laz Alonso.

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When this British actor pops up jogging shirtless on the beaches in America, all the "single ladies" pay close attention. He's stlll fairly new to Hollywood, but those abs have already made a splash. Does he look familiar?

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Answer: Single Ladies star Ricky Whittle.

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When this male model hits the catwalk or poses for a sexy magazine spread, he's always dripping swagoo. Can you guess which firm, fine and fashion-forward brother we're talking about?

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Answer: Model Tyson Beckford.

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Melodies and sexy R&B tracks are this hunk's specialty, but fitness sure does his body good. He was once one quarter of one of the biggest R&B groups of the 90s, and these days, he's soaring to new heights solo. Ladies, he wants to "show you how" to love -- do you recognize your teacher?

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Answer: Former 112 group member, and current solo artist, Q. Parker.

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After his "commercial" success, this model and actor's abs became just as famous as the brand he was hired to represent. Ladies, he's the man your man wants to be. Do you know who he is?

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Answer: Old Spice spokesman and actor Isaiah Mustafa.

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All grown up, and not afraid to show it, this young Hollywood hunk has stepped out of his hip-hop royalty father's shadows and into a limelight all his own. Think you know who it is? Click to find out!

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Answer: Romeo Miller.

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Which English singer-songwriter, who became famous in the 90s for his hip-hop inspired British R&B, did the paparazzi catch in the middle of his morning workout? if you're still stumped, let us "fill you in." His singles ruled the charts in the 90s and he is currently touring overseas to promote his sixth studio album "Following My Intuition."

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Answer: British R&B singer Craig David.

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There's no shortage of hot husbands in Hollywood. We always thought that this particular actor-producer-musician was a cutie, but when shirtless shots of him like this one popped up on our radar we started "wild'n out." Come on, admit it: the brother's got talent. (Wink!) Recognize him yet?

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Answer: Nick Cannon, AKA, Mariah Carey's mister.

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This pro-baller really knows how to bring the "heat," and wherever he goes, basketball fans and female admirers all hail the king.

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Answer: It's 2012-2013 NBA MVP Lebron James.