Eye Candy: Over 40 and Finer than Ever!

More and more of your favorite hunks only seem to get better with age. You tell us, do these cuties look their age?

Charli Penn Jun, 01, 2015

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At 51, rocker honey Lenny Kravitz still looks as though he hasn't aged a day since the moment we first watched him step on the stage over 20 years ago. This man can do no wrong!

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Can you believe Will Smith is 46!? He may have aged into "King" status, but Smith still looks just as gorgeous as he did when he played The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

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He's every woman's dream guy and every man's worst nightmare. Is it just us or does Idris Elba, who's 42 now, age like fine wine?

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Another fabulous example of how fitness and good health can do a body good. Model, actor and soon-to-be TV host Boris Kodjoe is 42, but to us, he doesn't look a day older than that sexy Perry Ellis model we first fell in love with in the 90s.

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This is what 45 looks like on Shemar Moore! He's more gorgeous with every year that goes by. It's almost as if he discovered the secret to aging backwards.

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Veteran actor Blair Underwood is 50! (Yup, 50!) Can you believe it? We can't.

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We already know that LL Cool J (who's 47!) has found a secret map to the fountain of youth, but we're still waiting for him to show everyone the way. (Wink!)

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Hot chocolate alert! Morris Chestnut is talented, gorgeous, a real sweetheart, and as fine as ever at 46.

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At 41, Michael Ealy just makes this list. From his caramel skin to his dreamy eyes, fans continue to find a million ways to be mesmerized by this man.

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Maxwell's sweet voice and signature sexy continue to wow us year-by-year. He's 42 and hotter than ever. Maxwell, keep it coming, cutie!

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There's nothing Common about Common. Is it just us or does his smile get brighter by the second? If you can believe it, the rap star-turned actor turned 43 on his last birthday.

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TV and film star Omar Epps will turn 42 this summer. He's always been a eye candy favorite, and it's clear that will never change.

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Classic cutie Taye Diggs makes 44 look like 24. This man could help Stella get her groove back all over again.