Eye Candy: Omari Hardwick

Eye Candy: Omari Hardwick

ESSENCE.COM Nov, 19, 2010

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Good morning ladies. It’s Thanksgiving week and we are so grateful to have pictures of gorgeous actor Omari Hardwick to stare at. Have you had your break today?

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We got to know Hardwick on the hit TV show “Dark Blue,” but the classically trained actor said he never intended to go to the small screen. “I never saw anything other than the stage,” Hardwick says. “The wood beneath my feet floated my boat and film floated my boat.”

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Omari is so effortlessly cool, from the way he walks to his sense of style. The modern day stunner says he gets his swagger from his elders.

“I had grandfathers that were very stylish men and they were powerful in their homes. They were swagged out in the 40s and the 50s,” Omari tells us.

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“It meant really tapping into a bravery that I know is inside of me,” Hardwick said of playing a cheating down low brother in “For Colored Girls.” “…It’s the bravery of going into a character who wakes up with different passions than I have.”

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“I prayed to God to allow me to be open enough to go back into Omari to find moments where I was confused about how to love a woman. I tried to figure out the deviance.” the actor explains. “The deviance is that he’s cheating on his wife.”

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“I’m an extremely ambitious person,” Omari dishes. “I think I wake up with a zeal to get better.”

Baby, you’re already the best!

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“I’m an artist at heart,” he continues. “I enjoy everything from going to art shows to reading about new discoveries and reading autobiographies. I’m excited about why people tick the way they do.”

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“If you can laugh with a girl, you can make good love with her,” Omari theorizes.

OMG Omari! We never realized how funny you were until this moment.

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Omari loves riding his motorcycle every day. The speed enthusiast says his lady “has to be able to at least watch a ball game and ride on the back of the motorcycle with me without being too scared.”

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“I think the best a man can do is try to get at least a B in terms of a grade,” says Omari, who approaches relationships day by day.

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Since “For Colored Girls,” Omari’s been burning it up on indie red carpets, promoting “I Will Follow,” a film that he stars in that tackles the loss of a loved one due to cancer. He’s also appeared in an episode of NBC’s “Chase.”

Doesn’t he know we’d chase him anywhere?

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Omari’s cool with being a sex symbol, “as long as it allows me the opportunity to continue bringing stories to movie screens.” You don’t have to worry about that. Just look at those arms. We’re breathless.

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“It’s always weird to be called a sex symbol,” he admits. “It’s not something we can control. It’s always God given.”

Well thank God! You are too fine!