Eye Candy: NYC's DJ Juss

DJ Juss is all about a passionate woman with a sense of humor who makes great conversation. Oh, and did we mention, he’s fine too? Meet your next crush!

Charli Penn Jul, 13, 2015

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“I got my start in the Hamptons,” recalls DJ Juss, 27. “I got a gig doing a private Mansion Party. At the time, I was interning at the estate and when the DJ for an event was running late I was asked to entertain the guests by playing music off my computer. When I started playing the music I got such a great response it sparked an interest in deejaying.”

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Just loves living in the Big Apple. “I love New York!” he shares. “It’s the best city in the world.”

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“I grew up in a household with three other siblings and was raised by a single mother, she battled it out, and never gave up, so we're all really close, and because of that I'm really family oriented,” says Juss.

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“I love what I do,” says Juss. “I grew up listening to music, so I love the fact that I'm able to involve music into my career. I am really passionate about my career and love that I get to say I deejay for a living. Not many people are able to do what they love to do.”

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“I never feel like giving up, but the feeling I get when I play songs that make people connect with one another and that connection I get with the crowd, inspires me,” Juss explains. “I know what I want and won't stop until I get there.”

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“Autism hits very close to home for me, so right now I'm involved with NY Collaborates for Autism Foundation in developing a DJ/Celebrity basketball tournament that brings awareness to autism and the autism community,” says Juss.

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“Growing up, I was over weight and by my late teens I was able to loose the weight through cardio and eating healthy,” says Juss. “Presently, I workout about five times a week, I combine Insanity, gym workouts, basketball, and hot yoga and I, of course, rest and try to eat right throughout the week.”

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When we asked Juss to describe himself using three words, he immediately knew what to say: “smooth, funny and talented!”

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Calling all foodies. You and Juss have something in common. “I like cooking, and I try to cook everything,” he says. “I make a lot of dishes — Spanish,  Italian food, soul food but I always try to incorporate healthy options.”

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“I like women that are on the right path and have things going on for themselves,” says Juss. “Someone who is passionate about something with a sense of humor, and that can hold a conversation.”

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“To impress a woman, I would have to say a give great conversation, respect, and patience,” says Juss.

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Believe it or not, Juss knows how to keep the party going, but isn’t always up for one himself. “I don't like partying when I'm not deejaying,” she admits.

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Juss is an afro-Latino -- he's half Puerto Rican and half Black.

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“My idea of a perfect date would be breakfast on a outside patio, a trip to an amusement park, car service taking us to dinner and a movie and walking and talking with dessert,” says Juss. “And then ending with a night cap.”

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Juss once had a pet baby cheetah, ya'll. So it's safe to say bravery is one of his strong points. We love it. Did you enjoy geting to know DJ Juss? Leave him a little comment love below!