Eye Candy: Multi-Culti Cuties We Love

Yes, Black is beautiful, but there are a lot of other sexy colors in the rainbow. (Wink!) Ladies, we already know you find these 30 fellas irresistable, because we do too. Happy Monday!

Charli Penn Jun, 17, 2013

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HBO’s sexy hit vampire drama series True Blood has, by far, the sexiest cast on cable TV. With last night’s triumphant season six return, millions of fans finally got the fix they’ve been waiting on — a healthy portion of shirtless (and sometimes naked), mega-stacked werewolf Alcide, played by the eternally gorgeous Joe Manganiello. (Yes, that was him making you drool through Magic Mike!) This man has single-handedly erased all our fears of the supernatural. Raise your hand if you’d give anything to see him lurking outside your house.

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You can’t call him “The Rock” anymore, but that doesn’t mean hunky actor Dwayne Johnson isn’t still stacked to the heavens, and some. Lord have mercy, someone get us some water, please. This year alone we bought tickets to see him star in Snitch, Pain and Gain and Furious 6, and we can't wait to watch his upcoming turn as Hercules. Seriously, this man can do no wrong.

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Afro-Cuban cutie Laz Alonso has been on our must-list since the moment we laid eyes on him. With that sexy grin, that smooth skin and those dreamy eyes, he has our hearts locked down.

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We’ve been crushing on Justin since his days as the front man for N’Sync. Now that he’s streamlined his look, snagged a few Grammys and proved his acting chops are the real deal, we’re completely smitten.

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The minute we watched Australian-born actor Chris Hemsworth bring a comic book hero to life in 2011's Thor, we knew it was love. Since then, he has kept us coming to the theater again and again in hits like The Avengers and Snow White and The Huntsman. Psst: We think his real super power is mesmerizing women, because that's what he does best onscreen.

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Puerto Rican and Cuban CSI: Miami star Adam Rodriguez has been on our radar for a minute now. That strong jaw and those soft eyes keep us tossing and turning at night. And, who can forget his sexy turns in Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself, opposite love interest Taraji P. Henson, and Magic Mike? Now that his days "following the evidence" have ended, we just can't wait to see what he does next.

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Canadian born actor Ryan Gosling went from child star to adult dream, with notably romantic turns in The Notebook, and more recently, Crazy Stupid Love and Drive. If you have yet to see him shirtless, you’re seriously missing out, sis!

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Cuban-American model-turned-actor William Levy looked so yummy on Single Ladies last season that we couldn't help but want to take him off the market. What we wouldn't give to kiss those lips. Move over Denise Vasi, he's with us!

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Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is six feet and one inch of perfection. We’re pretty sure he brings all the ladies to the field in Madrid, Spain, where he plays ball.

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Whether he's getting down and dirty with zombies in The Walking Dead or making it hot on the red carpet, we're just nuts about actor Andrew Lincoln, and one thing's for sure: Zombie apocalypse or not, we want him by our side.

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Bradley will forever be known as "the hot one" from The Hangover films. Who knew crushing on the bad boy could feel so good? We even loved him (and his crazy self) in his Oscar-nominated turn in Silver Linings Playbook.

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Back when actor Jesse Metcalfe was sexy gardener John Rowland, and the object of all of the Desperate Housewives’ affection, we took notice too. And to this day, we can’t stop imagining what it’d be like to look out our window and see this gorgeous masterpiece of a man mowing the lawn. These days you can catch the cutie-pie starring on TNT's Dallas, with a new season coming in 2014.

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Halle Berry sure knows how to pick 'em. Model Gabriel Aubry, Berry’s ex-beau and the father of her daughter Nahla, is everything a girl could want and more. He's tall, tanned, beautiful and has a gorgeous head of hair. Let’s just stare!

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New York Yankee’s fan favorite Alex Rodriguez has the sexiest eyes we’ve seen on the baseball diamond by far, and remains high atop our sexiest Latin men of all time list. Helloooo, Alex!

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If you didn’t know who Channing Tatum was in 2011, you sure do now. This former male dancer-turned-leading man is equal parts talented and gorgeous — oh, and did we mention, he was People Mag's Sexiest Man Alive 2012? He catapulted onto our radar with big roles in 21 Jump Street and the steamy hit Magic Mike, which was loosely based on his life. Plus, we watched The Vow like 20 times just to see him at his most romantic, and we know you did too. His summer blockbuster White House Down, with co-star Jamie Foxx, hits theaters June 28.

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Glee bad boy Mark Salling is an actor/musician who has serious swag and great pipes. (Our favorite combo!) Those sexy lips and those gorgeous dreamboat eyes keep us tuning in to the FOX musical season after season. #noshame

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Those big, emotional eyes make us melt. No one makes melancholy look sexier than this Spanish actor. Penelope Cruz is one lucky lady to wake up to this face every day.

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Mario has had those bulging pecs since he was A.C. Slater on Saved By the Bell, but it’s those dimples that we’ve always been in love with. The man seems incapable of aging.

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Diamond stud Robinson Canó makes our hearts melt every time he takes the field for the New York Yankees. The Dominican hunk has all the right moves and they come in one seriously sexy package.

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London-born actor Damian Lewis has a mysteriously sexy vibe going on whenever he’s onscreen on Showtimes’s Homeland. We need more!

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Hollywood bad boy Collin Farrel makes us swoon whenever he's in front of the cameras. His dark hair, steamy stare and endless swagger make us crazy.

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Madonna once dated this gorgeous young Brazilian model, and we all know Madge has very particular tastes. With those piercing grey eyes, thick curly strands and luscious, kissable lips, we can see why she once had to have him.

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Ukranian-American Latin ballroom dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy is a Dancing With the Stars regular we’d love to cut a rug with any time. Sexy, sexy!

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Have you seen veteran actor Hugh Jackman’s chest, arms, shoulders or abs lately? If not, you’ve been deprived of a whole lot of goodness. Check out the The Wolverine on July 26.

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Another vampire hunk who keeps appearing in our dreams. Akexander Skarsgard plays irresistibly hot vamp Eric on True Blood and we tune in every Sunday just to glance into those soulful eyes.

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That jaw…that jet black hair…that smile, and oh, those arms. Never make it stop, Benjamin, never make it stop! Now that Private Practice has ended, we don't know what to do with ourselves!

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George Clooney’s sexy salt and pepper hair and debonair smile just get better and better. He’s the ultimate cat daddy!

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Usually we’re gushing about actor Jesse Williams when we’re talking about Grey’s Anatomy, but here’s another sexy doc that once made us weak in the knees. (They didn't call him McSteamy for nothing!) Sadly, his character is no longer making rounds, but at least we can still catch a glimpse of him out and about in Hollywood. Show creator, and ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood honoree, Shonda Rhimes, sure does know how to pick ’em.

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The versatile actor’s sexy, mischievous smile always keeps us guessing.

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Hey, Victoria, please forgive us. Like all the other women across the world, we stop dead in our tracks whenever we catch your hubby looking back at us from a steamy billboard. The recently retired soccer icon leaves us panting.