Eye Candy: Most Valuable Player Oguchi Onyewu

Eye Candy: Most Valuable Player Oguchi Onyewu
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 02, 2010

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Ladies, have you met Nigerian-American soccer player Oguchi Onyewu yet? After chatting with this fine, sophisticated brother for a while, we thought we’d be kind enough to introduce you. We’ve got the 411 on this sexy single man’s likes, dislikes, and more.

Oh, you’re welcome, by the way.

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Oguchi’s been playing soccer since he was four years old. At 27, the 2006 U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year has already made it to the World Cup once. We’re hoping to see him do his thing at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa this August.

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“It’s definitely easy to be recognized and to possibly find a relationship just because you are a public figure,” Oguchi admits. “It’s hard because you don’t know what motives people have for meeting you and you don’t know what their reasons are behind it.”

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While he hopes to settle down and have a family some day, Oguchi’s not big on searching for “the one.”

“I definitely don’t go out looking,” he told us. “I’m a firm believer that love will come when it’s supposed to come.”

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When he does find her, Oguchi, who’s fluent in English and French and is teaching himself Spanish and Italian, hopes the woman of his dreams will be as well-traveled as he is.

“I like my women to be cultured and worldly, seeing as I’ve had the opportunity to travel so much and have seen so much,” he said.

We’re hoping he’s willing to show us his favorite places…

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“I have had no complaints about my abdominal muscles,” Oguchi chuckles when we ask him what women like most about him. We’re also loving his triceps, obliques and jaw muscles.

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“Religion is a huge thing for me,” Oguchi, who’s Catholic, emphasized. “I feel as though faith is a huge part of my life and ideally I’d like for the person I’m with to believe in God and Jesus Christ and the core values that I’ve been brought up to believe.”

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Onyewu jokes that he won’t date a woman with “man hands,” but what really bothers him is dishonesty.

“I’m going to be real with you,” he said straight-forwardly. “So you be real with me.”

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“I’m a very loving person. I have a lot of love to give. Hopefully I’m able to turn that to someone else some day.” Oguchi said. “When in a relationship, I’m very stubborn and resilient, I will not stop until my task is complete.” Now he’s peaked our interests.