Eye Candy: Model Nelson Walker Is a Total Keeper

This week we can’t stop thinking about actor and model Nelson Walker. He’s looking forward to fatherhood one day and he loves an intelligent woman. Get to know him now!

Charli Penn Aug, 05, 2013

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Walker, 29, currently resides in Los Angeles, but he was born and raised in Chicago. “It was tough growing up there,” he admits. "But nonetheless, it helped me become the man that I am today. It taught me more about building within rather than without. It gave me the strength to endure hard times and to know there’s more to life than materialistic things.”

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“I honor love more than anything money can buy,” says Walker. “I love that in Chicago you can find the most down-to-earth people. My relatability is one of the traits that people instantly notice about me.”

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Walker’s parents have been married for over 30 years. “I’m very close to them,” he says. “I talk to them every day. My pops taught me how to be a man and my mom taught me how to treat a lady.”

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After college, Walker moved to Los Angeles to pursue a master’s degree in filmmaking and business. That’s when he started pursuing acting and modeling. Within a year, he was a part of a prestigious actors' union. After graduating, Walker decided to stick around Hollywood and continue to nurture his career.

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If Walker looks familiar, it’s because he should. He has had featured roles on popular shows Scandal, NCIS, CSI, Anger Management and Go On. Plus, he was also featured in music videos for J. Cole’s “Workout” and Lupe Fiasco’s “Words.”

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“I’m now auditioning with actors who I looked up to growing up,” says Walker. “I’ve modeled for print and runway for Steve Harvey’s clothing line and I've even been on the Denny’s menu. I’ve also acted in national commercials for AT&T and Nike. Most of my featured roles have turned into co-starring roles and leads.”

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Walker wrote a feature film titled Thoughts Become Reality, which highlights a more positive outlook on life and how one can change things for the better with their thoughts, words and actions. “It shows how thought and feeling combined can be such a powerful force,” he adds. “I wrote it as a comedy, so it can be entertaining and still have a more positive vibe for the Black community.” 

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“I love my work and every part of it,” says Walker. “It lets me be myself and allows me to explore all of my creativity and share it with the world.”

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“God inspires me first and foremost,” says Walker. “Without the Creator, there is no us.”

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“I’m living my purpose, doing what I love, giving back, giving love and learning from the lessons by striving to be a better man daily,” admits Walker.

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Walker takes his potential and success very seriously. “Excelling as a Black man is my goal, and leading by action will help,” he tells us. “By planting my seed, and nourishing it now, I can potentially impact lives to the point where I will be remembered when I’m long gone. That keeps me going.”

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“I work out four times a week," Walker confesses. “I eat more organically, avoiding processed food, drinking high volumes of water and avoiding sugar in my diet.”

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Even outside of the gym, Walker likes to do things to keep his heart rate up—he goes hiking, likes to dance and always chooses the stairs over the elevator. Now that’s commitment!

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Walker is really into sports, ladies. Any given weekend you might just catch him playing basketball with the guys one minute and shooting pool the next.

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Walker is big on traveling and being spontaneous. “New places and new things always excite me,” he tells us.

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"I meditate every day because if you don't go within, you go without,” says Walker. “It helps me to be at peace, focus and escape this physical world.”

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“I pledged Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity in college and my frat brothers are still my best friends today,” says Walker. “The brotherhood is amazing, and the life lessons the bond has taught me are very, very valuable.”

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Walker prides himself on being a loyal gentleman. “It’s rare to find genuine, loyal, people today, and when I come across one, I keep them close to me,” he says.

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“I’m a great listener,” Walker confesses. “I help out others because I want to and I don’t give up easily.”

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“When the right woman comes into my life, we will both know we are destined to be together, and that’s when my single life will end,” Walker insists. “I’m remaining optimistic, and I feel the time will come soon.”

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“The perfect date isn’t about a certain place; it’s about being with that special someone I can vibe with, share stories with and relate to.You know, someone easy on the eyes and soothing to the ear. Connecting with someone to the point that you can see endless possibilities with them in the future, yet you're enjoying every second of the moment with them now.”

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“I’m so filled with love, and I have so much of it to give,” Walker shares. “I’m just being patient and waiting on that certain woman to join my life so that I can share it with her.”

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Walker is a self-proclaimed optimist who appreciates a good time. “I’m all about laughing, smiling and having fun,” he says.

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Walker tells us that no one makes an oven baked chicken breast in a skillet, with wine, peppers and onions, quite like he does. Raise your hand if you love a man who can cook.

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Nelson has his heart set on finding a quality woman who's intelligent with a great smile, a sexy voice, and lots of confidence. Say hello below and then follow him on Instagram or Twitter to get to know him more.