Eye Candy: Model Marvin Lee Montgomery Jr. Drives Us Wild

The first time we laid our eyes on this Georgia-bred model we nearly fainted. He's sexy, smart and loves an ambitious woman who likes to laugh. Say hello to our obsession of the week, ladies!

Charli Penn Sep, 23, 2013

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Montgomery, 30, wears many hats – he’s a financial analyst, athlete and an aspiring actor and model. Honestly, we don’t care what he’s up to as long as we get to watch!

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This cutie hails from Atlanta, where he was raised and still resides. “I like living in Atlanta so much, I choose to go to college here and stay here to start my career. I like that it isn’t too urban or too rural; it’s a good mix of both. It’s also a very diverse city with a lot of different cultures.”

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”Growing up in Georgia was great,” says Montgomery. “My parents were big on education, so we moved from the city to Fayette County for better schools. While I didn’t appreciate how strict they were on my grades as a kid, it definitely paid off, and I’m grateful they pushed me.”

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“I got started in my career as a financial analyst after getting interested in real estate in college,” he explains. “I started looking for internships within that field and landed an opportunity with J.P. Morgan’s investment bank. The experience from that internship helped me obtain my current job right out of college.”

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“I started in fitness when I was 14-years-old because I was tired of being skinny,” the hunky jock admits. “Although it took years, I finally started putting on some size to the point where I started doing men’s physique competitions, modeling and acting. All those endeavors have led me to my sponsorship with Optimum Nutrition.”

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“My number one inspiration would have to be my son,” Montgomery insists. “When I feel overwhelmed, I push through because when he gets older, I don’t want to have to tell him I quit or gave up on anything.”

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Most days, Montgomery works out twice. “One is an early-morning workout session for cardio and the other a weightlifting session during my lunch break," he says.

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“When I have some downtime, which is rare, I enjoy going to the movies and hitting the driving range,” Montgomery shares.

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Oh, girls, he cooks too! (Yes, it gets better!) “I actually cook quite a bit, which makes eating healthy easier,” he tells us. “I try to prep my meals for 3 to 4 days at a time. I’m a big seafood guy, so I cook a lot of salmon, tilapia and shrimp.“

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“The bravest thing I’ve ever done is wrestle a black bear to the ground,” says Montgomery. Let’s hope he’s kidding. (Laughs!)

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Montgomery is 6’4” but admits that although he’s super athletic, he’s not very good at basketball. That’s okay, cutie. We can forgive a few imperfections from anyone as gorgeous as you.

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Montgomery’s amazing body didn’t happen overnight. “I used to do 400 push-ups every morning for years!”

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“I don’t drink,” says Montgomery. “I stopped drinking to get ready for my first men’s physique competition and never drank again.”

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Guess what, girls? Montgomery is a single man. We just thought that might be the icing on the cake for you. (Wink!)

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“To me, the perfect date would be a dinner with great conversation and a lot of laughter,” says Montgomery.

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Montgomery describes himself as being "easygoing, sarcastic, athletic and funny."

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“I’m a homebody,” admits Montgomery. “I really don’t like being on the scene, and I haven’t clubbed in years.”

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“I believe what makes me the perfect catch is that I’m a well-rounded, down to earth guy with a great personality,” says Montgomery, and we can’t help but agree. Ladies, let's leave him a little comment love below and thank him for making your Monday brighter.