Eye Candy: Model in the Making Jody Jacobs

Aspiring model Jody Jacobs is definitely looking for the woman of his dreams. “I’m open to the gift of falling in love,” he says.  He’s self confident, loyal to God and fiercely passionate about success.  We’ve already fallen for him, and now it’s your turn.

Charli Penn Jul, 22, 2013

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Jody Jacobs, 32, calls Los Angeles, California home for now, but his roots will always be in Shreveport, Louisianna, where he grew up in The Cooper Road neighborhood. "I witnessed a lot of tragic situations there," he tells us. "That motivated me not to be a product of my environment growing up."

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"My family wanted to ensure I had the best education possible, so they sent me to magnet schools across town," Jacobs tells us. "They also introduced me to Christ at an early age and instilled those core values in my life that I still apply daily. What I loved most about my childhood is that my family provided a lot of support."

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"I was a very active kid, and my family attended everything from karate and academic tournaments to baseball and football games," Jacobs reveals. it sure looks like all that fitness from such an early age really paid off.

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"I received my degree in Electrical Engineering and enjoyed a very successful career traveling all over the world designing, programming and managing large scale manufacturing processes for over six years," says Jacobs. "However, I’ve always possessed a stronger passion for the business side and I always wanted to run my own business at some point. I grew tired of hustling hard to fulfill someone else’s vision and wanted to shift gears and invest that effort in myself. An opportunity arose for me to own my own business with the support of a major insurer and I took it."

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"I’m inspired to keep going because I’m confident that I’m fulfilling my purpose in life to be a resource that empowers others to manifest their own dreams and destinies, whether personal or business," admits Jacobs. "My life is a living testimony. If you don’t give up on your God-given dreams, and actually you put in the work to fulfill them, He will make them happen for you. Never give up."

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"I love my job owning an insurance agency because it enables me to help people manage the risks of everyday life, addressing life experiences that they don’t normally think about or want to talk about," says Jacobs. "I’m also able to provide opportunities for people to plan for the future and realize their own personal dreams."

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Jacobs works out four to five times a week. (And, it shows!) "Three things I keep in mind while working out is my form, staying Focused, and maintaining intensity," he says. "The biggest known secret to staying in shape is your diet. It's eighty percent nutrition and 20 percent fitness."

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Jacobs does well being in business for himself, but it's safe to say that modeling could also be his calling.

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Jacobs is a big football fan (he loves the Dallas Cowboys) who enjoys hiking canyons and traveling internationally.

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As a kid, Jacobs admits he wanted to be a zookeeper because he loved animals so much. Aww, ladies, doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Yeah, us too!

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Jacobs is single right now, but he knows exactly what he wants to get out of his next relationship. "When I bring a woman into my life, I want her to feel like she comes first and not second to my career, or anything else," he admits.

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"A perfect date for me would be to invite a lady to my home and cook a full meal for her from the appetizer to the dessert," Jacobs shares. "We’d enjoy a cool conversation over a couple glasses of wine and then do something fun and competitive like playing a couple of rounds of Jenga or The MJ Experience on Wii."

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"The bravest thing I’ve done is bungee jump," Jacobs confesses. "Skydiving is next on my list!"

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"I would describe myself as the cool, ambitious, and outgoing guy next door," says Jacobs. "On a Friday night, I’m either hanging out in L.A. with friends or relaxing at home catching up on my favorite shows I missed during the week."

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"The kind of woman that turns me on is one that is confident," says Jacobs. "I love a woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to say it, but also knows when to let me take the lead as a man. Most importantly, she absolutely has to have a personal relationship with Jesus." And ladies, if you're not in love yet, would you believe the man can cook too? "Yes, I can cook," says Jacobs. "I’m a southern man at heart, so it’s nothing to whip up some baked mac and cheese, greens, candied yams, fried catfish with a side of cornbread.  Can’t eat like that every day, but it definitely goes down on holidays."