Eye Candy: Model In the Making Denzel Wells

“God created the closest thing to perfection when He created woman,” says gorgeous model and student, Denzel Wells. If that didn’t just make you fall in love, these photos sure will!

Charli Penn Oct, 14, 2013

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Model Denzel Wells is our latest crush and he sure knows how to lay the flattery on thick. “Everything can be a woman’s sexist quality,” he tells us. “It’s so hard to choose just one thing!”

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Wells knows exactly what kind of woman can make him do a double take. “One with soul piercing eyes, a jaw-dropping smile and beautiful legs,” he says.

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“I am turned on by a woman who is intelligent, ambitious, goal-driven, independent and more times than not—older,” admits the 23-year-old. “Call me, Usher, if you want. An older woman just does it for me.  So, well-seasoned Essence ladies, please holla!” Well, there you have it!

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Wells represents Texas all day long. He was born in Houston and currently resides in San Marcos.

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“It was amazing growing up in Houston,” says Wells. “I had an amazing mother and an amazing childhood. My mother raised me by herself, after the passing of my father, and she taught me how to be self-sufficient and independent. She gave me everything I needed, but made me work for everything I wanted.”

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“I loved playing sports growing up,” Wells admits. “My fondest memories were of me wearing an athletic jersey and hearing my mother and family cheer me on.”

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“I’m very close to my mother,” says Wells. “She is literally my best friend.  I would give and sacrifice any and everything for her. All that I do is for her, so that one day she will never have to worry about a thing.”

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Only child Wells says he fell into modeling. “Photographer Don Elmore captured a photo of my mother and me during the last Texas State home game of the season," he tells us. "He saw something he liked in me and suggested a photo shoot. Those photos were then passed along to William Young of Krave Magazine and, before I knew it, I was modeling for Krave. It was truly a snowball effect. The way I view it is, God has a plan for me, so I’m simply going to enjoy the ride for as long as He sees fit."

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We love Wells in a suit as much as we love him sans shirt. Ladies, is it getting a little hot in here?

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Abs on abs on abs! Lord, help us. (Swoons!)

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There's something about Wells' steamy stare that has us wondering if we'll ever be able to look away.

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“What I love about modeling is that I get to travel the country, and hopefully soon the world, just being me and smiling in front of a camera,” admits Wells. “It is my hope that one day it will transition into acting but, if it doesn’t, I can’t complain about what I’ve experienced thus far.”

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Warning: The side effect of this photo could be a heart attack!

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Oh, what we'd give to be sipping cold cocktails beside a man as hot as Wells by the pool right now.

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“What inspires me to keep going are my mother, who’s been with me since day one and has sacrificed a lot to set me up for success, my friends and family, who stay in my corner and continually support me no matter what I do, and the people who say, I  ‘can’t,’ I ‘won’t,’ or I ‘shouldn’t.’ Each and every one of those people is instrumental in my success and keep me focused and running like a well-oiled machine.”

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“When it comes to working out, I have no tricks, no rules and no secrets," says Wells. "I know how I want my body to look so I get in there and make it happen.”

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“Don’t be your own excuse; Be a catalyst for yourself,” says Wells. “I will, however, say that nutrition is the most important part of it all. If your nutrition and the fuel you put inside your body aren’t beneficial to your success, you will not succeed.  It won’t matter how much time you spend at the gym. “

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“I’m a simple guy, so there’s nothing better than a beer and watching a game or a movie,” Wells shares. “I also like to work on my carpentry skills in my spare time.”

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Believe it or not, Wells tells us he’s part Irish.

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Wells is single, ladies – we promise!

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“I am not looking for love right now,” Wells admits, but before you panic, know that he has a great reason.  “I believe it will come when God thinks I’m ready and when I least expect it.  Who am I to rush God’s will?”

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“The perfect date would be any activity in which a woman and I are having fun,” says easygoing Wells. “The most amazing times can come when you least expect them, or during some of the most miserable circumstances.  Being with the right person can make any date the perfect date, but a great dinner and stiff drinks never fail.”

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“The bravest thing I’ve ever done is say ‘yes, I can,’ when everyone else is saying ‘no, you can’t,’” says Wells.

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“Right now I’m listening to Johnny Taylor’s 'Running Out Of Lies,'” says Wells. “Youngstas don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that! (Laughs)"

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Pictures this good don't need a caption, because we know you're not reading it anyway. (Wink!)

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“I’m a handful,” Wells tells us. “I’m stubborn and always want to be in some kind of control, but there’s never a dull moment with me.  I will always put a smile on your face and will treat you how a real man should treat a woman.  One of my mantras is, ‘chivalry isn’t dead.’”

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“I’m a down-home southern man, so life is deep-fried or BBQ-ed,” jokes Wells when we asked if he can throw down in the kitchen. “My fried chicken and fish, collards, mac and cheese and black-eyed peas would put your stomach at ease.  And, if I can’t cook it now, betcha I can learn!” Yes, we’re in love. Ladies, you too? Leave Wells a little comment love below.