Eye Candy: Model Louis Allen III Makes Our Day

Browsing these steamin’ hot photos of Jersey-bred model Louis Allen III will instantly warm you up, promise. The hunky jock loves to laugh, never skips a workout and adores an independent woman. Are you falling for him yet? We’re already hooked!

Charli Penn Mar, 03, 2014

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“I think a woman’s sexiest attribute is her mind, because the way she thinks is what gets me going,” confesses New Jersey based model Louis Allen III. “That is really number one for me because I hate superficial stuff. I like natural beauty too and not a lot of makeup.”

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"I don’t know that I’m the perfect catch, but I do know I’m a team player and an honest guy," Allen admits. "And, despite what people may think, I’m truly a one-woman man." Swoon!

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"I'm turned on by a woman who thinks for herself, is independent, intelligent and beautiful on the inside and out," says Allen. We love those kinds of women, too. Nice choice!

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Allen is a real laid back kind of guy. Something funny that most people would never guess about him is that he can actually be a bit of a snooze on a Friday night date. "I fall asleep in the movie theater almost every time," he jokes. "I try my best, but I just can’t stay awake."

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Having breakfast or dinner with Allen? He's got you covered. "I can whip up a mean pan of scrambled eggs," he shares. "Oh, and some spaghetti too. My spaghetti is nice!"

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Allen say you can never know just what he'll be up to on the weekends when has a little time off. "I could be doing anything from chillin’ at home watching Netflix to hanging out with the fellas or visiting family," he adds.

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"I would say that I’m a fun-loving guy who loves a challenge," says Allen. "I'm very athletic."

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"I love to stay active and I love to eat," says Allen. "I have a huge appetite."

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Allen grew up in Newark, New Jersey, where he still resides today. The city doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to crime, but he says he stays strong, fears nothing and tries to stay positive always.

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Allen once played minor league football, which we're certain only helped him maintain and chisel such a fine physique.

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"I like to laugh and have a good time; life is short so I say enjoy it," says Allen.

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We're in ab heaven right now. Would you care to join us?

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Photos like this one tend to leave our readers breathless. Do you need a minute? We can wait. Allen's totally worth it.

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"I’m really down to earth and very humble," says Allen. "I’ll have a conversation with anybody."

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"I’m not impressed with titles or status," says Allen. "I’m about real people and have no time for people who want to be pretentious."

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"I love football; I’m a fanatic," says Allen. "I am a huge Giants fan."

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"I know that I haven’t scratched the surface with what God has in store for me," says Allen. "I keep going because I know God has more for me to do in this life."

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"I love what I do," says Allen. "I get to meet a lot of great people, work with so many talented photographers and designers and network with celebrities. It’s a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to getting involved with bigger, more challenging projects."

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"I started modeling my senior year in high school," says Allen. "A friend of mine brought me to an audition that was being held at the local county college for a fashion show and I was well received."

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"There’s never a dull moment where I live," says Allen. "There’s always something going on or something to talk about. Somebody always has a crazy story."

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"My childhood was rough ‘cause I lost a parent at an early age, but my mother was very instrumental in making sure God was first in our lives," Allen shares. "She always portrayed strength and resilience even in the toughest times."  

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Allen has an older sister and a younger brother. "My sister was, and still is the boss, as big as I am. My little brother ain’t so little anymore but he’s not big enough to beat me up. (Laughs.)"

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Wow. Just wow!

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If you enjoyed getting to know Allen as much as we did, say hello below. You can keep up with him on Instagram or Facebook.