Eye Candy: Model and Actor Tray McVay

Runway model and up and coming actor Tray McVay is totally devoted to two things: loving the Lord and achieving his dreams. What more could a woman ask for? Get to know him, now!

Charli Penn Dec, 24, 2012

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McVay is a true Californian, born and raised, and he says his favorite thing about the West Coast is the easy access to the beach. “Going to the beach is liberating,” he says. He was raised in Lynwood, which is just outside of Los Angeles, and he currently lives in North Hollywood. However, a move to New York City is something he admits he would consider in the future.

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Although McVay’s models and acts, he says his first love is modeling even though he knows acting is what will really pay the bills.

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Believe it or not, McVay was discovered in church. A woman who was part of the congregation noticed he had a certain look and she recommended that he consider reaching out to photographers. She told him about one she knew well, McVay contacted him, and just like that, he was doing a shoot. Within days, he was contacted by someone at Blueprint Models in Los Angeles.

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McVay began his career as a runway model, walking in major shows for top designers like Abercombie & Fitch and Rocawear, and that’s when TV and commercial casting agents started to take notice too.

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Before long, McVay was dividing his time between print and runway modeling and commercial acting for big name brands like Sony and Samsung. “I love being in front of the camera,” he admits.

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McVay is a devout Christian, ladies. (Slow clap!) This man loves the lord, and he attends church every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. He’s one of the leaders of his congregation and he knows that putting God first in his life is the only way he will succeed. “I’ve sold out for Christ,” he says. “And, I’m so thankful. If it wasn’t for my faith in Him, I may have quit by now. It’s a tough, tough industry. You hear a lot of ‘nos.’”

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Guess what, ladies? God-fearing cutie McVay is single and looking for love. “I’m interested in a faith-driven, outgoing woman,” he says. “I prefer a woman who won’t hesitate to be herself and have fun with me.” Note: He’s a cuddler, too!

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Twenty-eight year old McVay is a Virgo, and just like his sign says, he’s a total perfectionist who’s totally devoted to perfecting his skills and making it big in Hollywood.

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McVay tells us that when it’s time to wow a woman, he likes to do his research and find the perfect restaurant to dine for a first date and a great place to go afterward. But, it won’t be a bar. “I hate when women suggest a bar for a first date,” he says.

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McVay stands tall at 6-foot-2-inches and clocks in at a solid 204 pounds of solid muscle and sculpted physique. “I workout every day,” he says. “Most times, I go to the gym twice a day. I know the look I’m going for. I can’t be out of shape with a beer belly and still looking for work.”

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In an effort to expand his acting career, McVay has worked hard to land small parts on big shows. Look for the scene-stealer to co-star in an upcoming episode of Showtime’s hit drama series, Shameless.

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Does McVay’s gorgeous face look familiar to you? We guarantee you’ve seen it on your TV screen before, since he has starred in a series of commercials for top athletic brands. Isn't he a cutie pie?

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Outside of working out like a maniac, McVay enjoys the fellowship at church and keeping up with his favorite NBA and NFL teams. (He’s a huge Miami Heat and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.)

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You know we like to save the best news for last, ladies. McVay says he’s not just looking for love, he’s looking for his wife too. “To be married is one of my greatest desires,” he says. “I look forward to parenthood, the companionship and the friendship. I want a woman who will be with me until the end of time. When I find a wife, she will be for me, and I for her.” Say hello to McVay on Twitter or Facebook any time!