Eye Candy: Model and Actor Shawn Cruz Has Our Hearts

New York City-based model and actor Shawn Cruz's undeniable swag has us drooling. He paints, listens to jazz and has a body you can't take your eyes off. Um, we think we're in love!

Charli Penn Feb, 24, 2014

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Actor and fitness coach Shawn Cruz is a man of many talents. "I have been modeling and acting for two years now," he says. "As an athlete, I have always had a passion for fitness and I've been training others for the past four years."

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"My modeling career began by accident," says Cruz. "My friends back in Virginia would constantly tell that I should get into modeling. I never took them seriously because at the time I didn’t like to take photos. A close friend talked me into doing a test shoot, and I posted the photos on Facebook. I was overwhelmed by the response."

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"On a Friday night, you might find me painting, drinking red wine and blasting Jazz Music," says Cruz.

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"I would describe myself as honest, attentive, spontaneous and I really like a good laugh," says Cruz.

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"My mom is my best friend," says Cruz. "Now that I am older we have a great relationship and I can tell her anything." 

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"Yes, ladies, I can cook," says Cruz. "I like coming up with tasty healthy meals. My favorite is jerk salmon with roasted green peppers stuffed with quinoa."

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Cruz may look like the kind of guy you're sure to meet while out and about on the social scene, but he tells us he's really more of a bookworm. "I'm constantly reading multiple books at one time and more likely to be home  relaxing," he adds.

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"I am most turned on by a woman who doesn’t take 'no' for an answer, who is independent, but also allows her man to be the man in the relationship," Cruz admits.

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"When I am in relationship I am very focused on the one that I am with," says Cruz. "I am very faithful."

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"I think the sexiest quality about a woman is when she is secure enough to openly communicate with her mate," Cruz admits. "A confident woman is also very attractive to me."

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"I was sort of a nerd in high school," Cruz admits. "He took advanced classes. I am also very shy!"

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"Since I paint and write poetry, I'm working on an exhibit that will combine both," says Cruz.

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"I'm single right now and very focused on my career," Cruz admits. "It would be unfair to start a relationship now when I can’t dedicate a lot of time to allow it to grow properly." We hear you, Shawn.

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"I have so many role models," says Cruz. "I look up to people who want to or have made a difference. People like Bob Marley, Jean Michel Basquiat and the late Steve Jobs."

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"My first inspiration comes from my friends and family who support me," says Cruz. "Secondly I get so much positive feedback from people who view my pictures or attend the shows that I walk in. Social media has also allowed me to help others who are trying to model and may have questions about health and fitness."

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"I absolutely love what I do!" Crus says. "Modeling has taught me so much about myself. I developed a better sense of self and it has opened up opportunities to meet and work with some amazingly talented people."

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"I am very close with my parents," says Cruz. "They have been very supportive of me throughout my career but have also given me a solid foundation and stressed the importance of a good education."

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"For me getting to know you is very important," says Cruz. "So a perfect date for me is one where we can spend time, sip a little wine and be able to talk and share our experiences."

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