Eye Candy: Midwestern Model Travis Ferguson

Travis Ferguson hails from Iowa, but as one of the most sought-after new models around, he’s breaking hearts from coast to coast. Meet our newest crush!

Charli Penn Mar, 18, 2013

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At 27, model Travis Lee Ferguson is a photographer’s dream. He’s young, handsome, down-to-earth and the camera loves him. Get to know our crush of the week and you’ll see why we fell for him instantly.

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Ferguson hails from Waterloo, Iowa, and adopts a laid-back Midwestern attitude when it comes to his style. He likes to have a good time, doesn’t take himself too seriously and loves a good laugh.

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Ferguson has walked in countless fashion runway shows and sat in front of many a photographer’s camera. As you can see from these steamy portraits, he is the definition of photogenic.

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Growing up in Iowa, there weren’t many opportunities for aspiring models, so Ferguson focused on his athletic passions instead. He excelled in football, basketball and track, and he received a full scholarship from Iowa State University to play football.

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Since launching his modeling career, Ferguson has developed a very loyal fan base, and judging from his gorgeous portraits (which his portfolio is filled with) we can certainly see why.

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Ferguson lent his sexiness to a literary cause when he posed for the cover of Sensual Horizon, a romance novel by author Langston John Blaze.

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Those pretty eyes paired with that piercing stare make one lovely combination sure to put any woman in a trance.

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Ferguson's shirtless shots just take our breath away. It's no secret that he knows his way around a gym.

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You'd think a face like this one would be found only in the streets of Hollywood or New York City, but despite his frequent traveling and hotel hopping, Ferguson still calls Des Moines, Iowa home.

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“I love fitness,” says Ferguson. “I spend about five to six hours a day in the gym. That’s a big part of my life.” How does he stay committed? “It’s fun to me,” he says. “In order to feel good about yourself and appreciate yourself, you have to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life.”

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"I hope to expand my career and really get my name out there," says Ferguson. "But most of all, I wanna be in a position to help other people follow their dreams, too." He's already using what he has learned from the industry to help coach other young, aspiring models find success.

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Ferguson is very close with his family and enjoys spending time with them between jetsetting across the globe for photo shoots. "I appreciate the little things," he insists.

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“I love being outside,” says Ferguson. “I’m a country boy. I love to fish!”

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Ferguson is the youngest of six children. “Yeah, I got picked on a lot,” he jokes. “Being the youngest of six means you know how to fight well.” You look more like a lover than a fighter to us, cutie!

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“I have a 7-year-old-son and he’s my motivation for everything I do,” says Ferguson.

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In college, Ferguson majored in Sociology. “You learn a lot about yourself when you study other people’s interactions,” he tells us.

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“I’m not shy by any means,” says Ferguson. “But I do like to keep to myself. I do get stopped a lot in Iowa. People don’t believe I’m from here. It’s all in fun.  I really do love meeting new people.”

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Yes, ladies. In case you were wondering, Ferguson is very single at the moment. (Are you as shocked as we are?)

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Does this picture even need a caption? Our guess is, you're not even reading this right now. By all means, please direct your attention back to the photo on the left. Enjoy!

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