Eye Candy: Michael Strahan Is Aged to Perfection

NFL star-turned-daytime talk show personality Michael Strahan turns 41 this week, and he's looking as fine as ever. To celebrate, let's take a look back at some of his 'finest' moments, both on and off the field.

Charli Penn Nov, 19, 2012

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Born Michael Anthony Strahan in Houston on November 21st, the future NFL record holder moved to Mannheim, Germany at age nine, where he grew up and graduated from high school. For his senior year of high school, Strahan returned to Texas – just in time to earn a football scholarship offer at Texas Southern University.

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Strahan wasn’t the first in his family to attend Texas Southern University. His uncle is also an alum. He became an instant star on the university football team, becoming notorious for his fearless work on the field. He didn’t know it then, but he was destined to bring his talents to the New York Giants.

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Strahan, who was drafted to the New York Giants in 1993, is shown here, posing for a sexy official team portrait midway through his 15-year career. Oh, Michael we love your smile.

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Strahan, a Scorpio, is the youngest of six children.

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In 2007, Strahan donned a kilt for charity and revealed his toned-physique for the ladies. And, oh, what a sight it was!

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Former defensive end Strahan was always best known for his intensity on the field.

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When we look at those biceps, only two words come to mind: absolutely perfect.

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Strahan had a breakout year in early 1997, when he recorded 14 sacks, was voted into his first Pro Bowl and named First Team All-Pro by the Associated Press.

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Did we mention how much we love his smile? Oh, we did? Well, who can say it enough? When Strahan smiles, we all smile.

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You can't catch Strahan off his game. Even when he's keeping things casual, he's always dressed to impress.

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Strahan is shown here in 2010, when he was inducted into the New York Giants ring of fame. He was always a fan favorite. In 2008, his last season before retiring, Strahan helped the team go all the way to win Superbowl XLII.

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Here's a riddle: What's plump, luscious and totally kissable? Strahan's lips, of course.

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After retiring from the NFL, Strahan played up his other big talent -- working his magic in front of the camera. He joined the NFL Fox broadcast team and quickly became one of the friendliest (and most gorgeous) faces in sports news coverage.

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No one wears face fuzz quite like Mike.

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Strahan has spent as much time on television as he has on the field. In addition to hosting the FOX NFL Pregame show, he’s appeared in commercial series for top brands like Snickers, Pizza Hut, Vaseline Men and Dr. Pepper, hosted home improvement show Backyard Stadiums on DIY Network, and co-starred in the TV sitcom Brothers.

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Strahan is the proud father of three, two daughters and a son.

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Let's all pause for a moment and marvel at the wonder that is 6 feet 5 inches tall, 275-pound Strahan in a suit. Okay, now that that's out of the way, let us move on to the latest accomplishment under the mega star's belt. After a successful 2010 guest appearance on Live! with Regis and Kelly proved to be more than memorable, this fall, Strahan officially became the new co-host of Live! with Kelly and Michael.

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Last week, Strahan received the best birthday gift ever -- he was deemed one of PEOPLE magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, and posed for a sexy photo spread in the new issue. Join us in wishing Strahan a happy 41st birthday. Leave him a little comment love below and tell us why you're the daytime TV host's number one fan.