Eye Candy: Men of 'For Colored Girls'

Eye Candy: For Colored Girls
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 03, 2010

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It’s not everyday that cutie Khalil Kain flashes across our movie screens. We’re always glad to see his sexy smile though. We’ve missed you, boo.

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Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ opened in theaters nationwide this weekend and we haven’t been able to get the men in the film off of our minds. We rounded them up to look at them one more time.

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Of course, Hill Harper plays the only good guy in “For Colored Girls.” This man doesn’t look like he has an evil bone in his body. Just look at that gorgeous face. We want to plant kisses all over it.

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We’re so in love with Omari Hardwick! Those perfect lips, deep eyes, and that smooth yummy skin make our breath stop. Seriously, we can’t breath. It’s a problem.

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We’ve had a crush on Michael Ealy for the longest. As if his dreamy blue eyes, luscious lips and devastating smile weren’t enough, this brother epitomizes laidback swagger. Mmm! What a man!

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Richard Lawson was representing for the grown and sexy brothers in ‘For Colored Girls.’ We love his soft eyes and sweet smile.

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Hill Harper turns us into giddy teenagers. His views on love in “The Conversation” inspire us. And those dimples make us smile wide.

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Omari, stop staring at us like that. You have no idea what you’re doing to us.

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Luckily we don’t have to say goodbye to Hill Harper after watching “For Colored Girls.” He’s got a regular gig fighting crime on “CSI:NY.” We’ll be watching.

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We’re not surprised that the hottie who debuted in “Barber Shop” is blowing up. We’re on the lookout for Michael Ealy all the time. Catch him on “The Good Wife,” after you see him in “For Colored Girls.”

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Can you believe that this man is 45? Khalil Kain is blessed with a gorgeous baby face. We’ve love to squeeze him and call him our baby.

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We’ve decided to keep our computer screens frozen on this image for the rest of the day. Won’t you join us?