Eye Candy: Meet Sexy Model Darryl Chambers

We first met sexy model Darryl Chambers at the ESSENCE Music Festival when he stole our hearts. Hello, gorgeous!

Charli Penn Sep, 07, 2012

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Dreamy heartthrob Darryl Chambers resides in Montgomery Alabama, where he makes a living modeling for the runways and the cameras. Would you look at that stare? Boy, oh boy. It’s getting hot in here!

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Once a sports fanatic, Chambers launched his modeling career quite unexpectedly. A friend of his mothers mentioned he was very photogenic and should give it a try. Convinced it would go nowhere, he did a shoot. That was four years ago, and he’s booked back-to-back jobs ever since.

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Darryl is a member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and hopes to open his own non-profit organization to help give back to his community just as soon as he's able.

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“I really like to workout,” says Chambers, who fessed up to going to the gym four days a week. “Sometimes I may even go five days. Plus, at least two days out of the week I go running. I don’t like it, but I do it.” Chambers says he’s willing to sacrifice to get what he desires, just like Diddy, whose business sense he says he looks up to.

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Modeling isn’t the only goal Chambers has his sights set on. He dreams of being a professional actor too, and he’s already on his way. If you’re a devoted fan of BET's The Game, and very observant, you might recall spotting him playing an extra on a couple recent episodes. (He was one of the sexy Sabers players in the locker room.) “I’m after a speaking role next,” he tells us.

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We asked the up and coming Alabama based model what it felt like to have a room full of women screaming for him while he did his thing, and he admits, “It makes you feel real good, like you were meant to do what you’re doing!”

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“I wasn’t nervous at all,” says Chambers about having to strut his stuff on the catwalk during the 2012 official Eye Candy pageant at the 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival this year. “I model. It’s my career; it’s what I do. So, I wasn’t nervous at all.” He wound up taking home second place honors.

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Known among friends and family for his independent nature, Chambers, who is an only child and a single guy, admits to being very close to his mom, and just a tad bit spoiled. However, you shouldn't judge him for that: “My strongest qualities are my personality and my ambition!”

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My, my, my, my my my! Darryl sure knows how to work it for the cameras. And, we just adore those locks.

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Chambers admits to being pretty reserved at first glance, but says, get to know him better and you’ll meet a whole other side. “When people get to know me, they find out I really have a silly side,” he admits.

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