Eye Candy: Let's Get Physical

This week, Kentucky-bred physical trainer Vonteris Wells took our breath away. He’s a well-traveled military man who appreciates a woman’s sense of humor. Now, get to know him better and, we promise, he’ll make your Monday.

Charli Penn Sep, 02, 2013

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Wells grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. “My father was in the military, so I’ve been all around the world,” he shares. “I even spent some time in Europe.  I wound up joining the military myself.  I was stationed for four years in San Diego. After I was discharged, I moved to Los Angeles.”

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“I loved the traveling during my childhood,” says Wells. “It helped me see the world a little differently than most.  It made me feel that everything is possible. That’s why I’m going after my dreams of modeling, acting and personal training.”

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Wells values commitment, ladies. He’s very close with his parents, who’ve been together for 33 years.

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You can’t ever say Wells doesn’t understand women. This cutie pie has five sisters!

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“I used to work out a lot when I was in the navy, so people always commented on my physique and suggested I look into modeling,” Wells says. “Eventually, I listened to them and sort of just fell into it.”

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“I am inspired by the belief that I can use modeling as a platform to transition into acting,” says Wellls, who is also a student and full time personal trainer.

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Wells wasn’t just born with this incredible body – he earned it. “I’m in the gym five days per week.”

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Wells is totally committed to staying in shape and looking his best. (As we can see!) “I focus on eating clean more than anything, and doing cardio along with burning 300-500 calories five days per week,” he reveals.

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When he’s not slaving away at those abs in the gym, you might find shooting a few hoops, playing video games, reading a book on health and fitness or spending quality time with close friends.

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Every guy has his quirks, Wells included. Believe it or not, he prefers going to the movies alone and he goes nuts for cheesecake.

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“I’m not the type to go looking for love, but if it comes my way, I wouldn’t mind at all,” admits Wells. “The perfect date would simply be going to the park or to a beach. You know, just getting to know her."

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Wells has traveled around the world. As much as he loves to be anywhere new for the first time, he insists that Hong Kong and Dubai are the coolest places he has ever been.

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Wells is single and ready to mingle, but you won’t find him on any online dating sites. “I wouldn’t create an online dating profile,” he reveals. “I prefer to meet people face-to-face from the very start.” 

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Wells is offering us 360 degrees of gorgeous today. Ladies, are you as breathless as we are? Someone get us a glass of water—quick.

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If you’re hoping to be Wells’ new best friend, you may have some stiff competition in front of you. “My sister, Katrina, is my best friend,” he says. Aww. That’s too sweet!

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“I can cook grilled salmon and make a mean salad,” says Wells. “Whatever I prepare, it just has to be clean eating.”

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Wells is a God-fearing brother too, ladies. He was raised in the Pentecostal church and still makes regular services today.

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“Since I’m such a fitness buff, I’m turned on by a woman who loves fitness too,” Wells reveals. Who’s up for a gym visit tonight? (Count us in!)

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From his sexy pout to his killer physique, we love everything about Wells.

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We asked Wells what he feels are his best qualities. “Some might deem me the perfect catch because I’m ambitious, intelligent, funny, kinda sexy and I listen,” says Wells. (Agreed!) “I’m also pretty laid-back and never controlling.”

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If you ladies don't mind, we'd like to take a moment to just admire Well's expertly toned arms. Vonteris, can we have a hug, please?

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“I feel a woman’s sexiest qualities are her humor, intelligence and how well she maintains her body,” Wells admits.

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Ladies, leave Wells a little comment love below if he made your day too. Want to share your crush with the world? Email us and tell us about your favorite cutie now!