Eye Candy: Lenny Kravitz Leaves Us 'Hungry' For More

After watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire over the weekend, the only person on our minds this Monday morning is Lenny (Sexy) Kravitz. Who's with us? Let's rewind a few of his finest moments now.

Charli Penn Nov, 25, 2013

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We couldn't stop talking about all the ways Kravitz makes our day if you begged us to, and who could blame us? The man is perfection.

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Kravitz reprises his role as stylist Cinna in Caching Fire, which is based on the popular sci-fi trilogy by author Suzanne Collins. Cinna lives in a futuristic world where teens must fight until the death for survival, and wealthy idiots rule the world.

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If you follow Kravitz on Instagram (do it right now if you don't) you already know he treats fans to sexy behind-the-scenes shots like this one almost daily.

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Musician and actor Kravitz is best-known for his retro style sound and overall mastery of all things musical. He’s a producer and singer-songwriter whose style incorporates elements of soul, funk, rock, R&B, and a little bit of everything you love.

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No one can question Kravitz’ musical genius; the proof is weighing down his awards shelf right now. He won the Grammy Award for “Best Male Rock Vocal Performance” four years in a row from 1999 to 2002. #accomplished

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Kravitz is a natural born rock star. You must admit, there’s just something so irresistible about a hot musician who steps onto the stage and drives a crowd wild. We love to see Black men resonate with a mainstream audience, and no one does this better than Mr. Kravitz.

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You might as well call Kravitz a style chameleon. The rock star evolves seamlessly between rocker chic and around the way guy personas. Truthfully, we adore them both.

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Anyone who has worked with Kravitz musically can tell you his total devotion to the craft is what drives his massive success.

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There’s just one caption for this photo: More, please!

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Kravitz shared this laid-back personal pic with his fans on his official fan site. That’s one cool brother.

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Lenny Kravitz wowed the crowd during the 2011 NBA All-Star game at Staples Center. Ladies, it gets no better than this!

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Chicago Bulls mascot ‘Benny the Bull’ spoke to rocker Lenny Kravitz during NBA All-Star game. Even mascots can’t keep away!

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Kravitz is known to walk the red carpet in head-to-toe leather. (There's nothing’s more daring than a man in leather and fur!)

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What we’d do to sip a little morning joe with Lenny.

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It’s been about 20 years since Kravitz first emerged on the scene. We’ve loved every look he’s given, especially this tough man in leather number.

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Check out Kravitz on the set of a music video for the NBA season in New York City. That’s one monster guitar!

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As always, Kravitz wears his signature frames. They add a little mystery.

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In the middle of his crazy schedule, Kravitz finds time to walk the shores of Malibu.

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Whenever Kravitz stares in the camera, ladies start to melt. Look at him giving his sexiest look at a publicity event in Paris, France.

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Lenny Kravitz is sexy even when he’s not trying to be. Just spreading peace…

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Kravitz looked all sorts of yummy on the red carpet at Clive Davis’ annual star-studded Pre-Grammy Gala party in Beverly Hills.

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Lenny Kravitz is a family man. He took his daughter, Zoe, to the 2010 Oscars. We love a man who treats his daughter like a queen!

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Kravitz and good friend Swizz Beatz spotted leaving a restaurant in New York City.

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Lenny is known for his humanitarian efforts. When the gulf coast suffered the nasty oil spill in 2010, he sprung into action and organized a benefit concert.

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Lenny poured his soul out on stage during the Gulf Coast benefit concert last summer.

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He makes it look so easy! Kravitz’s sex appeal makes us wish there were thousands more of him. There isn’t enough Lenny to go around.

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Long or short hair, we love Kravitz and his ever-changing style.

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Most musicians are romantic, but Lenny is downright sexy! Take a look at him jammin’ out on his guitar. All that attitude gets us going!

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Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet raised a true independent spirit. Check out Lenny and his beautiful daughter Zoe on the red carpet of the Independent Spirit Awards.

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Take a look at Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz and Zoe Kravitz at Entertainment Weekly’s Party to Celebrate the Best Director Oscar Nominees.