Eye Candy: Laws of Attraction Joseph Nevels

Eye Candy: Laws of Attraction Joseph Nevels
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 10, 2010

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It should be a crime to look this good. Twenty-five-year-old Northern Kentucky University Chase Law School student Joseph Nevels has us testifying on behalf of his devastatingly good looks. Can I get a witness?

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Joseph grew up in Northern Kentucky. He headed to law school in his home state, following in his older brother’s footsteps. An artist in his own right, he hopes to focus on entertainment law.

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When he’s not in the law library you can catch Joseph in the studio cranking out love songs or working on pursuing an acting career.

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A man who definitely knows his worth, Joseph appreciates a woman who carries herself with her head held high.

“I like women that are confident and ambitious, so anyone that’s opposite of that turns me off,” he says.

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Nevels started singing in the church where his pastor father led his flock. He attributes his many interests to his parents.

“They’ve always been really supportive in anything I wanted to pursue,” he remembers. “They never tried to keep me from doing something I was interested in.”

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Some of Nevels’ songs have already hit the airwaves. If you’re curious to hear what he sounds like, check out his artist page on Joseph Nevels.
He says he would love to work with producer J.R. Rotem one day.

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Juggling law school, music and acting is enough to keep this sexy single man busy. He says he’s open to a relationship, but he’s willing to let things happen naturally.

“I feel like when it’s meant to happen, I’ll know,” Nevels says. “I’m not one to force things.”

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“A woman’s eyes can get my attention,” Joseph says, of his favorite spot on a lady.

Another way to get him to look your way—tell a joke.

“I’m kind of like a prankster, so if a woman has a good sense of humor or does something silly it’ll get me interested.”

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“Spirituality is the one thing that’s very important to me,” Joseph says of the qualities he needs in a woman. “Having that foundation is going to take care of everything else.”

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One thing Joseph can’t stand is a “materialistic woman,” “not to be confused with one that is classy and likes nice things,” he explains. “I just don’t like women that are really shallow, like the kind of woman that would talk to a guy because of the kind of car he drives.”

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“There’s something about mentally strong women in particular that I like,” Nevels admits. “They’re the type of women that are going to be there for you and pick you up when you fall—like my mother and my grandmother were.”