Eye Candy: Khasan Brailsford

Eye Candy: Khasan Brailsford
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 16, 2012

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For the last three years, professional dancer and choreographer Khasan Brailsford has really put his passport to work. He has danced and toured in Asia, Europe, and America with many of today’s top artists. Brailsford signed with one of LA’s top dance agencies early-on in his career and is always hungry for the next opportunity.

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“I like intelligence, intelligence, intelligence,” says Brailsford, when asked about the type of woman he’s attracted to. "You can be pretty, but pretty can only get you so far. Once you get to know a woman you really have to get behind her shell. I also enjoy a sporty woman. If you can go out with me and the guys, hike with us, or play sports with me, I like that a lot.”

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When we asked Brailsford what it’s like to spend most of your days and nights on tour, he didn’t hesitate to tell us, “It’s crazy!” He has been on tour since 2007 and says he’s rarely ever home. “I know the hotels better than my own house, but the best thing is the tour bus. It’s even better than a hotel room. You get off the stage and everything you need is right there waiting for you.”

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“I actually danced in high school. It was back then that I saw a show, and I thought to myself, oh, I want to do this, I can do that,” says Brailsford, who admits he was more of a sports junkie prior to discovering dance.

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“I’m very spontaneous,” says Brailsford. “I’m also very easy going and care free because I really like to have fun. Life is too short. You have to have a good time and make the most of it.”

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“I like to relax when I’m off because normally my life is just so busy and I’m doing so much on the go,” says Brailsford. “I love eating, especially at new restaurants. I also like to do anything outdoors or anything sports-related, especially in the water. Surfing, white boarding, jet skiing, swimming – just anything outdoors is so much fun to me.“

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“Movies are no good because you can’t talk during a movie,” says Brailsford, when asked about the perfect place for a great date. “I like to go out to eat or any setting where you can just sit back, talk, and really get to know the other person.”

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This sultry Scorpio says he’ll be pleased to find a woman who leads a lifestyle as healthy as his own. This is because Brailsford knows that his body is his business, so staying in shape, he says, is his top priority.

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Brailsford and his mom are closer than close. She doesn’t miss his show when it comes to town, and sometimes she even shows up with a plate full of her delicious home-cooked favorites for her son and his fellow dancers. And, he’s not the only fan of her food. He tells us Beyonce and “Ms. Tina” love his mom’s food so much they often ask her to cater their concerts.

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“I just took a liking to deejaying recently,” says Brailsford. “I was in Brazil, and I went up to the deejay and requested a song. He asked me if I wanted to play the song myself, and he and his partner started teaching me everything they knew. I kept coming back, and they taught me how to play a set. It’s definitely my new thing.”

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Brailsford tell us that although he’s usually thousands of miles away from his family, he has found an excellent way to cope with the distance and feel at home. “Beyonce’s tour was like a year,” he says. “You’re with the other dancers every day of your life, so you really become like family."