Eye Candy: Kerron Clement

Eye Candy: Kerron Clement
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 24, 2012

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Two-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist Kerron Clement is just 26-years-old and already living his dreams. We admire his drive, focus, and dedication to his sport. Get to know the track star, now.

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After enjoying the fun and sun in Los Angeles for almost four years, Clement moved to Gainesville, Florida to be closer to his family and train with his former college coach.

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Trinidadian track star Clement specializes in the 400-meter hurdles and 400-meter sprint. He holds the indoor world record for sprinting and won a silver Olympic medal in the 2008 Beijing games.

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The Summer Olympics begin this July in London. To prepare for his shot at another medal, Clement must be sure his training regimen remains intense. He’s training almost full time, with four days on and three days off each week.

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Clement says when you’re Olympic-bound, being single isn’t always a choice, but rather it’s a harsh reality. “A few years ago this woman told me that it’s hard to date an athlete because we travel so much and we really have no time,” he tells us. “The only down time I really have is in the fall, because that’s the off-season. Otherwise, I’m traveling constantly to different countries and competing. I date and things like that, but as far as being with one particular person right now, it’s not possible.”

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Fitness does a body good, no?

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“I really really appreciate everyone’s support throughout my entire career,” says Clement. “Even when I’m down, people still tell me to keep my head up and root for me. I just want to thank everyone for sticking with me throughout the good and the bad. It means so much.”

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Don’t expect to catch Clement – who’s completely content with just goofing around on his laptop or watching movies with a friend – doing much else besides training and resting his body. After having enjoyed lots of “the good life” while in Los Angeles, he tells us he has come to Florida to focus nonstop and keep his eye on the prize.

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“In the next five years, my goal is to become a multimillionaire,” says Clement. “I’m close to that goal, thank God. I feel so blessed. I want to really be happy with life and have no regrets.” Also on his to-do list: “I plan to win the Olympic gold, break a world record, you know, that kind of stuff. I’m still young.”

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“I’m blessed to have a family and a support system to really help guide me throughout my career,” says Clement. “I’ve been a professional since I was 19. A lot of the young kids make a lot of money, and then they blow it on stupid things like lots of cars and houses. Thankfully, I didn’t do that. I save my money and just stay focused.”

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Not that he has to be good at anything else –- he is a world champion, after all –- but in case you’re wondering what else Mr. Clement rocks at, it’s, well… rockin’ out: “I can really sing. I love to sing. Singing makes me happy, so I sing as much as possible. I mostly record songs on my computer and sing on Garage Band.”

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Clement has an amazing relationship with the women in his life. When he’s traveling, he uses Skype to help him keep up with both his sisters, and his mother manages his finances and makes sure he stays on his nutritional meal plan.

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Clement says his drive is not uncommon, if you just believe. “As for my fans, my message to them would be: Keep going. Follow your dreams. And, don’t let anyone discourage you. Fight against it, and know that you’re better than they say you are.” Follow him on Twitter now to track his journey to the summer Olympics.