Eye Candy: Joel Randell

Eye Candy: Joel Randell
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 29, 2010

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Good morning girls. It may be winter for some of you, but we’re all burning up for reporter, researcher and writer Joel S. Randell. Next Monday night, Joel kicks it with fellow media pro Jacqui Reed on VH1’s “Let’s Talk About Pep.” We thought we’d bring you a little teaser.

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This 39-year old crime reporter has the sexy style, grace and sense of mystery that old school journalism is romanticized for. He writes for urban magazine and even did a stint in the tabloids.

We’d like to pen some salacious tales with him.

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Resilience is the name of this brother’s game. After doing time in prison for boosting cars (think “Gone in 60 Seconds,” but in real life) Joel graduated with a degree in journalism from Rutgers University and went on to crack crime stories for some of the most well known publications in the country.

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As you can imagine, Joel’s got quite a story to tell. He’s working on his first memoir—“a coming of age prison story”—which he hopes to have completed by 2011.

There are a few key phrases we’d like to jot down on the lines of Joel’s six-pack.

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Joel—who used to watch Jacqui Reid on BET when he was in college—had nothing but wonderful things to say his co-star on “Pep.”

“Jacqui is the sweetest woman on the planet,” Joel remarks. “She’s just a ray of positivity. I was totally taken aback by her ray.”

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Joel counts honesty and integrity as his good qualities.

“I have tremendous integrity now. There was a time when my integrity was a little bit challenged, but because Ive gone to prison it’s hard for me to even tell a lie—even to get myself out of trouble.”

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This sexy writer admits to having a fast mouth. “I’m very argumentative and opinionated,” especially when it comes to politics and religion." Joel says he needs a woman who can hold her own in an intelligent discussion about hot-button issues without getting upset.

“I definitely appreciate a woman whose mind is sharp and in-tune with news and current events and can hold conversation with out getting bend out of shape,” he says.

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“I love tall women. Period,” this 6’2" handsome man confesses. “It’s just a little more woman to love. I love a woman whose tall and can carry it with confidence,” he reiterates.

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Joel is a Christian and while he’s not looking for a saint, he does feel it’s necessary for his lady to have a sense of spirituality.

“It’s definitely desirable for a woman to have a basic desire to revere a higher power,” he explains.

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Maybe Joel was so taken by Jacqui’s kindness, because he value’s thoughtfulness. In fact he says that if a girl is unkind to others, he’s out the door.

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Joel owes his delicious body to his fitness and nutrition routine. “I work out three to five times a week and my diet consists of very high proteins and very low fats. Plus, I don’t drive so I do a lot of walking,” he says.

Learn more about Joel S. Randell at twitter.com/JoelRandell or at facebook.com/joelsrandell.