Eye Candy: Jarvis Powers

Eye Candy: Jarvis Powers
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 12, 2010

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Grad student Jarvis Powers passes our hottie test with flying colors. We’d love to keep him after class.

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Jarvis is studying Computer Information Security and Insurance Cybercrime. We’d love to inspect his hardware.

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Jarvis’ father is African American and his mother is Samoan. He grew up with his mom and even lived in the American Samoan Islands when he was a kid.

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Jarvis says he just sort of fell into modeling. “I kept getting all these comments like, ‘You should consider modeling.’ I was like, ‘I need to give this a chance.’”

We’re so glad you did, baby.

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“I take a lot of pride in myself, but it doesn’t go to my head,” Jarvis admits. “I like to groom myself pretty well.”

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It may seem cliche but the way to win over this cutie is to whip him up something tasty. “I love to eat,” Jarvis confesses. He doesn’t mind throwing down in kitchen alongside his lady. “I can cook,” he stresses. “When all this is over, I’m going to be a fat dude.”

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“I get compliments, but I try not to let it get to my head,” Jarvis says. “That’s one thing that I try to be humble about.”

He says his large, supportive family keeps him grounded.

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When it comes to the one characteristic that makes Jarvis weak, “it’s swag,” the young stunner says. “It’s anything from her walk to her talk to the way she carries herself. When she’s confident in herself that’s what attracts me.”

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“I’m a hips and butt man,” Jarvis admits. “I want a girl with a little bit of meat.”

Your curves aren’t half bad either, Jarvis.

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Jarvis has been making moves toward the silver screen, starring in a bio-pic about Major League Baseball player Roberto Clemente. He was also recently cast in a new movie with Katherine Hiegel called “One For the Money.”

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With a face like that, you’d think Jarvis would shy away from fights. Little did we know, he’s got a mean left hook, winning himself a Golden Glove Champion title in April 2010.

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We’re speechless…