Eye Candy: James Clement

James Clement
ESSENCE.COM May, 20, 2010

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We can’t stop thinking about “Survivor” Fan Favorite James Clement. The grave digger from Lafayette, Louisiana, recently resurfaced on the red carpet of the TV Upfronts. We thought staring at Clement without his shirt on for a little while might help get him off our minds. Whatever works, right?

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Clement first appeared on “Survivor” in 2007 for the hit TV show’s 15th season in China. The folks at CBS brought Clement back for the following season in Micronesia and again for the latest season because the fans couldn’t get enough of him. Who could blame them?

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We’d like to take James home as our life size diagram of the muscular system. His body is perfect.

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Is it any wonder that “Survivor” awarded James with $100,000 Fan-Favorite award at the “Survivor China” season reunion? He wins our popularity contest every time.

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Walking around with perfect abs is a tough job. James admits that people ask him to take off his shirt a lot these days.

“That’s one of the ways people recognize me,” he laughs. “I don’t care. Why not [take my shirt off]? Let’s have some more fun.”

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We love that James is an honest man who never tried to manipulate the other “Survivor” contestants to get ahead.

“I’m really not that sneaky,” Clement admits, “I can’t look at someone in the face and tell a lie. I feel like I’m giving up a bit of myself when I do that.”

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James says he’s learned to be a good man from his his father, who appeared on an episode of “Survivor” with him.

“My dad is one of the most caring, loving people you could ever meet,” he says with pride. “He makes me want to be a better person.”

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“I appreciate a woman with strength,” James told us. “I can do a lot, but sometimes I need help — somebody who can help me with things in life.”

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Clement says he’s a sucker for a woman’s eyes and stomach.

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While his family grave-digging business is still secure, James has been exploring new occupations since “Survivor,” even hand modeling.

“Anything that comes around, I’m down to do it,” he says enthusiastically. “Why limit myself to one thing?”

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Thanks to the folks at CBS, we get to see John Clement one more time. The reality-TV star is set to appear on “The Young and the Restless” on June 4. He’s ecstatic.

“It’s like a dream,” James, who used to watch the soap opera with his grandmother, said. “I’ve been watching the show since the 80’s.”

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Looking ahead, James sees a lot of good times in his future.

“I don’t have any idea what I’m going to be doing,” he says. “I just know I’m having fun.”