Eye Candy: The Hottest Moments of 2014

Pecs and abs and dimples, oh my! In 2014 we made you sweat on Monday mornings with hot shots of even hotter guys. Let's review the steamiest moments.

Charli Penn Dec, 05, 2014

1 of 22 Tibo Norman Photography

“I think a woman’s sexiest attribute is her mind, because the way she thinks is what gets me going,” confessed New Jersey based model Louis Allen III. “That is really number one for me because I hate superficial stuff. I like natural beauty too and not a lot of makeup.”

2 of 22 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K Studios

When we first laid eyes on Atlanta-based model Devan Dunson he nearly took our breath away.

3 of 22 Ricardo Moreno Photography

Excuse us while we catch our breath. Sports trainer Brett Sterling makes gorgeous look effortless. My, my, my!

4 of 22 Kim Roseberry for SHEdriven Photography

This, Georgia-bred cutie, Trey Reese, resides in Atlanta where he works as a personal trainer, model and health coach.

5 of 22 Karl Simone Photography

"I am turned on by a female who carries herself like a lady everywhere she goes," hot model Denzel Watkins once shared with us.

6 of 22 Ernest Montgomery for Lee Studios

Remember hunky heartbreaker Ryan Neal? He hails from Detroit, Michigan, but right now he calls New York City home.

7 of 22 Courtesy of Shawn Cruz

Flawless cutie Shawn Cruz may look like the kind of guy you're sure to meet while out and about on the social scene, but he told us he's really more of a bookworm. "I'm constantly reading multiple books at one time and more likely to be home  relaxing," he adds. Can we come?

8 of 22 Jerome Minglee Photography

MMA Fighter Joe Merritt, better known as Joey Slash hit us with a love TKO. "I'm focused on reaching my professional and I hope my personal and spiritual development has prepared me for that special lady whenever she reveals herself," he revealed.

9 of 22 Romen Cole Photography

Personal trainer and physique competitor Harold Allen has our full attention. He admires an intelligent, fit woman who likes to cuddle. (Yup, he said “cuddle.”) See why we were instantly infatuated.

10 of 22 Taz Hall Photography

Personal trainer Miles Partridge is a Midwesterner, born and raised. He grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and currently resides in Overland park, Kansas. Anyone up for a road trip? When we met him, we sure were.

11 of 22 James C. Lewis for Noire3000 | N3K

North Carolina based model and actor Xavier Perkins, 38, gave us lots to swoon about. He’s a regular at the gym, he’s big on supporting charities and he loves professional and confident women. Sold! More pictures here.

12 of 22 Romen Cole Photography

"Confidence is a woman’s sexiest quality," says personal fitness coach Lonnie Wilborn Jr.. "She has to know she’s sexy for herself and not just looking sexy; it’s about feeling sexy too.  Another sexy quality is when a woman is supportive." Agreed!

13 of 22 Don Elmore Photography

Model Denzel Wells is our latest crush and he sure knows how to lay the flattery on thick. “Everything can be a woman’s sexist quality,” he told us. “It’s so hard to choose just one thing!”

14 of 22 Foto 119 Photography

Law clerk and model Quincy Braxton makes sexy look effortless. Plus, he loves an independent woman with curves. What’s not to love? See more of him here.

15 of 22 Scott Perham Photography

Connecticut fitness models (and brothers) Aaron and Trevor Hairston doubled the fun for us when we shared their photos. Remember these hunky sweethearts?

16 of 22 Derek Chase for The Photo Chase

Is it cold enough for hot chocolate yet? We think so! Ladies, Philly hunk Kevin Moore will do it for you. The dreamy actor and case manager cooks Moroccan meals, mentors young people and prides himself on knowing how to listen to a woman. Need we say more? See his pictures here.

17 of 22 Don Harris Photographics

“A woman can impress me by showing me she loves God more than she loves me,” says hunky fitness instructor Antonio J. Stephen. (Gush!) Yup, it was love at first sight.

18 of 22 Nathan Paul Photography

Texas based aspiring model and actor Brandon J. Boyd makes sexy look effortless, loves to cook and goes nuts for a woman who goes for what she wants. Are you in love yet? We were!

19 of 22 Peak Photography By Clint Easley

West coast model and bartender Blake Carwile serves up back-to-back shots of sexiness and we’re already in need of a refill. Plus, he’s humble, hard-working and spontaneous – the perfect mix!

20 of 22 Laura Macrini Photography

Professional host Kevin Thompson is a proud resident of Brooklyn, New York, and home is where his heart is. “I love the bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches at the local deli,” he shared. “It's $2.50! That's unheard of.” And being as sexy as you are is too. (Wink!)

21 of 22 C Richard Minott for iBrandimaging

Hunky health coach Gichi Gamba’s ready to heat up your chilld day anytime. The Midwestern-born cutie reveals that he could fall for a woman with great vocabulary and an even better smile. **waves hands**

22 of 22 Choice Skinner for JHS Photography

When we first laid eyes on Los Angeles-based pro athlete Byron Bullock, we were instantly smitten. Click through these photos and you’ll quickly find out why!