Eye Candy: The Hottest Celeb Hunks On Instagram

These celeb heartthrobs put the “sexy" in “selfie." Meet the men who love to steam up your feed. Double tap!

Charli Penn Sep, 08, 2014

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All hail the king of sexy, Mr. Lenny Kravitz. His appropriately titled new album Strut drops on September 23rd and his fans are just drooling with anticipation. Added bonus: He's on Instagram and he's all for sharing the love. Let's all pause for a moment to admire this shirtless wonder.

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Selfies never looked so good! See more Lenny here.

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Could this view be any sweeter? Oh what we'd give to be on the receiving end of that phone call. Sigh...

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Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore gets nonstop love from his “baby girls,” and to say thanks, he posts steamy shots from his day-to-day life in Los Angeles religiously.

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Moore frequently shares photos of himself at home hanging out with his furry friends and spending time with his best friend, his mom. Seriously, how sweet is that? He tells us that fans love seeing him with his mom the most and that makes her smile. #weheartmamasboy

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And, of course, Moore wouldn't let a week go by without giving the fans what they really want the most—unlimited shots of him doing anything sans his shirt. (Hellooooo, gorgeous!)

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This man needs no introduction and we don't need to remind you that No Good Deed star Idris Elba is on Instagram, because we already know you refresh his feed five times a day. (Yes, we do too!) Sigh..whatta man!

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Every once and awhile Elba surprises fans with extreme closeups to remember, and for that, we thank him. #itsgettinghotinhere

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About those lips....wait, what were we saying? Nevermind...just pucker up!

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So this is what happens when you put on your fantasy-vision goggles? For more all-Idris, all the time, follow him here.

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New to the scene actor Jay Ellis (who stars on BET's The Game) really knows how to bring the heat on his Instagram feed.

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Kids dream about the Easter bunny while we dream about Ellis holding a bunny cupcake to celebrate. #yumyumyum

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Who wants to play peek-a-boo in bed with the oh-so-sexy Mr. Ellis? Um, sign us up!

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Big screen cutie Michael B. Jordan keeps things interesting on his Instagram feed.

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Jordan keeps it cute and casual when he's not on set and he always looks amazing doing it.

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Jordan shares a silly moment and we definitely smiled when we saw it. We love a man who doesn't have to always take himself too seriously.

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Leading man Laz Alonso has been known to steam up a feed or two. Here he's showing off his signature sexy!

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Alonso has zero problems getting up close and personal with his loyal followers. (Wink!)

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On Instagram, Alonso takes fans to bed with him and we just know they have no qualms about that.

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Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson always brings the heat to the big screen and the wresting ring, but did you know he’s often fond of steaming up cell phone screens too? Check out his Instagram feed and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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Even when he's jetsetting across the world, Johnson never misses an opportunity to share the love. Here, he's making us drool just by sitting casually on a jet ski. He really does make sexy look effortless.

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Excuse us while we catch our breath. We're filing this one under "perfect" in the dictionary.

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Johnson knows how to pose to perfection when he's preparing a photo just for his Instagram fans!

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When celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince isn’t whipping folks into shape on The Biggest Loser, he’s sharing photos on Instagram that will really spike your heart rate.

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Forget the coffee. If you're following Quince, photos like this one are all you're gonna need to start your day off right.

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Sweet dreams are sure to follow when you see late-night selfies like this one right before you fall asleep. Goodnight, cutie!

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Trey's Angels will be happy to hear that the sultry crooner brings just as much passion to his Instagram feed as he does to his sexy singles.

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Yup, it's "Mr. Steal Your Girl," enjoying a steam shower on a video set, and everybody's welcome.

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Trey, did we miss our invite? Who can resist a hot tub with you in it?

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Want to know what gorgeous Real Husbands of Hollywood star Boris Kodjoe is up to off set? He's sharing sexy selfies taken from wherever he goes.

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Although he looks amazing from any and every angle, Kodjoe is a fan of the side profile. (And us too!) After one look at this shot, we're sweating as much as he is here!

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Even when he's pouting, Kodjoe keeps it sexy. In this sexy selfie, he was griping because he couldn't sleep. Well, you know what, Boris? Now we can't sleep either, but when we do, we'll be dreaming of you, gorgeous!

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Singing sensation Usher Raymond keeps his Instagram fans coming back for more flirty candids from his busy behind-the-scenes life.

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We love how Usher makes sexy look effortless. Don't you?

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There's always something so endearing about a tender moment between a gorgeous man and his best (furry) friend.

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We're used to seeing E! News co-host Terrence J all dressed up on the red carpet, but when he's on Instagram, he keeps things cute and casual.

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Terrence shares a blissful, beach moment with his loyal fans.

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The Think Like A Man star is in full vacation mode. Follow J's feed for an inside look at his private life on the road.

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If you want to see more of Crisis star Lance Gross, you need not look any further than Instagram. His feed is full of inviting selfies like this one.

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Well, hello there handsome. Gross has one seriously steamy stare. We're seeing stars!

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It looks like Gross is a big fan of mirror selfies, and guess what? We're even bigger fans of any one with him in it.

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Los Angeles Dodgers outfielders Matt Kemp is one of the game's hottest players and a must-have on our Instagram crush list. His feed just makes us crazy!

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Kemp sometimes gets a little goofy in the locker room and when he's feeling the love, he shares it with his fans and followers.

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Cutie-pie Kemp keeps us smiling with his crazy, sexy, cool feed. Follow him and you'll be all smiles too.

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Rapper Nelly hasn't released new music in awhile, but he keeps his Instagram feed full of new performance photos and sexy candids.

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Sexy selfie alert! My, my, my, my, my, my! Nelly's shirtless body is like a work of art.

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Nelly takes a breather on his tour bus while we try to catch our breath.

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R&B newcomer Luke James just dropped his first album this winter, but he already has a legion of devoted followers who admire both his sexiness and his sounds. If you're following his Instragram feed, you know why.

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A laid-back James shows off his sexy side. Click that "like" button if you like his style as much as we do.

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James has been known to slip a performance shot or two into the mix from time to time, and we love 'em all.

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Did you know that sexy Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams is on Instagram, ladies? We couldn't miss it. See his feed here.

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Williams often clowns around on set and when he does, he might just share a sexy candid, so be sure to follow along, ladies.

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Williams' sexy stare gets us every time! Doctor, can we have more selfies, please?

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We've got "love jones" for actor Larenz Tate, who's big on sharing the love on Instagram with his longtime fans.

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If Tate's on set, his fans know all about it. That is, of course, as long as they're keeping up with his IG feed.

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When the House of Lies actor is out and about on vacation, followers are treated to a look at Tate's solid biceps.

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Actor Romeo Miller is all grown up and a total PYT. He's a lot of things on his Instagram feed (a model, a world traveler, a jokester), but shy is not one of them.

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If you frequent Miller's IG feed, you're sure to catch a few kisses here and there.

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Bedroom pictures are the hottest trend among celeb hunks on Instagram. Miller gifts fans with these sensual shots all the time.

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Chart-topper Miguel adorns his fans with love on Instagram. Shirtless performance pics like this one are a regular occurence.

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Miguel's always in the gym with his trainer working on his fitness, and in between sets, he's happy to share a shot or two.

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Who knew Miguel was hiding all of those magnificent muscles? His time at the gym has sure paid off; his back is sculpted to perfection.

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Miami Heat star LeBron James is a regular on Instagram and always easy on the eyes. Every photo is a slam dunk.

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King James treats his court to twice the thrill with this split pic selfie.

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James is so intense on the court, buth when he's in full-on relax mode, we get a peek at that goreous grin of his. His smile is one of our all time favorites.

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Rapper and actor T.I. has no problem popping up on his feed without a shirt, and his fans are always pleasantly surprised.

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Even when it's cold outside, we've got photos like this one of southern gentleman T.I. to keep us warm.

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Shirt on. Shirt off. We don't care, as long as the "King of the South" is who we're looking at. Swag alert!