Eye Candy: The Hottest Bachelors Around

Eye Candy: The Hottest Bachelors Around
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 13, 2012

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Sparkle star Omari Hardwick is one of those do-good men in Hollywood who has the total package. He’s talented, kind, aware and of course, out-of-this-world sexy. (Which is fitting, since “Omari” means most high.) He doesn’t have a ring on it just yet, but we find it hard to believe a southern gentleman like this could stay single for too long. Ladies, let’s hear it for Mr. Hardwick.

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Hot chocolate alert! You may have already seen Lance Gross play a fun-loving groom on the big screen (Our Family Wedding), but Mr. Gross doesn’t have a Mrs. just yet. Let’s take a moment to admire those almond eyes, that smooth skin and that bright smile. #winning

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Calling all the Single Ladies fans. Good news: Star DB Woodside’s character Malcolm may be the object of two women’s affection on the show, but in real life, he’s flying solo for now. Click that “like” button if you’d give anything to feel those lips on yours. Ladies, does this man ever age? He just gets sexier with age.

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While Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp keeps his eye on the ball, the ladies have their eyes on him. Rihanna once dated this crowd-pleasing cutie, but we heare he’s back on the market right now. He’s a total home run with his sexy smirk and endless swagger.

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One thing our readers have in “common” is a mutual adoration for this man. We’ve watched the conscious rapper evolve from a cutie pie with crazy skills on the mic into a globetrotting gentleman with a remarkable onscreen presence and undeniable swagger. Common, you “Used to Love Her,” but that's okay, we’ll always love you just the same.

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NBA ballers are jumping the broom left and right lately, but Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin is still single and ready to mingle. The 24-year-old heartthrob once caused a scene when photographers spotted him vacationing shirtless on the beach showing off all 6 foot 10 inches of toned goodness he’d been hiding under that uniform, and it instantly catapulted him to mega hunk status withe female fans. Look at those abs!

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My, my, my! With that winning smile, that smooth chocolate skin, and those bulging biceps, it seems celebrity fitness guru Dolvett Quince just can’t take a bad photo. And, guess what girls? He looks even better in person! The Biggest Loser star is a pro at working the red carpet and within an instant he has the crowd going, “Idris who?” Could he be the next king of sexy? You tell us!

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Once rumored to be dating fellow actress and musician Jill Scott, actor Lamman Rucker hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone since. "I think one of the components of ultimate fulfillment is partnership," the sexy, single bachelor said in a recent interview (conducted by his ex!). "Things aren’t nearly as fun without someone to share it with."  So, go ahead and gush over the tall, dark and handsome actor, it’s cool. We sure can’t get enough. With those bedroom eyes it’s hard not to melt, right?

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Those who attended the 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival got a real treat at the ESSENCE.com live stage — a chance to see handsome actor Laz Alonzo up close and in person.

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Although Common Law star Michael Ealy likes to stay mum about his love life, we’re certain any woman lucky enough to call this man her guy would have come forward by now. We love… err… what was that? Oh, sorry, we just got lost in Ealy’s dreamboat eyes for a second… where were we? Oh, right, those kissable lips.

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Sexy crooner Usher Raymond is rocking a full fro these days and giving off effortless smooth vibes to go with it. Yup, we're crushing on this single cutie. Click that "like" button if you're waiting for the day he serenades you.

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Outspoken Cali-bred crooner Tyrese Gibson, can sometimes get into trouble with his female fans by being too opinionated on dating dos and don'ts for their tastes. Say what you will about his opinions, but if loving this R&B bad boy is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

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With his puppy dog eyes and that silky smooth voice, we can’t help but fall in love all over again each time TNT bandmate Tank takes the stage. The romantic-minded sweetie pie hasn’t found his dream girl just yet. Would you apply to be his leading lady?

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Sexy star of last summer's blockbuster White House Down Jamie Foxx makes our sexy bachelors list with ease. The single, doting dad is always raving about the joysof fatherhood which instantly earns him a softspot in our hearts.

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He’s the sexy new singer/songwriter on the scene with the voice of an angel and a heart of gold. Luke James’ first single, “I Want You,” dominated the airwaves and quickly becoming the 2012 summer anthem for unapologetic love. Seriously, ladies, his falsetto is out of this world, and last we checked he’s not seeing anyone special and starring in new holiday movie The Black Nativity, so get to the theater and get to know Mr. James better now.

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British born actor Ricky Whittle’s character Charles on Single Ladies kept us drooling and wanting more last season and now his American fan base is growing fast. He also joins the cast of holiday film Black Nativity. After a rocky breakup back home in London, he’s living in Los Angeles and hoping to make a fresh start. Right about now, don’t you wish you lived there too? (Wink!)

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We like to think of Tyson as more of the eternal bachelor type. It seems he loves motor cycles and party hopping way more than “getting serious,” but no judgements here. When a man is this easy on the eyes, what’s there to complain about. These brother just gets better with age.

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