Eye Candy: Fitness Model Stefan Williams Will Make You Sweat

Businessman-turned-fitness addict Stefan Williams is a newbie to the modeling industry, but we’re already starting a fan club. Meet this gorgeous man and see how fitness does a body good!

Charli Penn Apr, 08, 2013

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We're nuts about new model Stefan Williams, and for good reason. Read why he has our hearts aflutter.

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Thirty-year old cutie Williams resides in Marina Del Rey, California, where he works as an account manager for a general contractor by day and spends his spare time modeling. “I get asked all the time,” he says. “So, for my thirtieth birthday I decided to go out and take some pictures and see what happens.”

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“My body is how I motivate people, so if I’m not walking the walk, it’s kind of hard to talk the talk,” says Williams.

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Williams’ side business helps him help others. He works with Fortune 500 company that sells nutritional products, under which he runs his own independent franchise. He manages a team of sixty and hopes to make it his full time gig real soon. He says international domination is also in his plans.

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“People tend to gravitate towards me,” says Williams. “I’m always positive and I think others enjoy that.”

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Williams says he once attended "firefighter college" and worked as a forest firefighter before moving on to marketing and account management. "I have a bachelor of science degree in Firefighter Protection Engineering," he says.

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“People might look at me and think, oh, he’s just a gym guy, but I make money in a suit and tie every day,” insists Williams, who we say, looks equally lovely in and out of a suit.

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“Fitness is just something that I love to do and I’m addicted to it,” says Williams. “I’ve trained before but it can take a lot out of you. If you have a full time job and you’re meeting clients, you can really get worn out.” Instead, Williams continues to focus on sharing inspiration through social media and building his fitness modeling portfolio.

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Williams hits the gym daily and tells us that he just started doing yoga this month. “It’s pretty comical,” he admits of his effort thus far. “It’s really hard!”

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Williams wound up with the nickname “Willy Beamen,” after Jamie Foxx’s character in Any Given Sunday, while at a pool party in Vegas. He admits it has “sort of stuck with him” ever since.

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“I’m a very flexible guy,” says Williams. “When I’m out with a woman, we can go to Cirque de Soleil or we can go see a movie. I’m open!”

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Williams is a proud Canadian. He was born and raised just outside of Toronto and when he was in his early 20s he moved to Los Angeles.

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“I’ve been raised very well by a beautiful mother,” boasts Williams. “I’m a mama’s boy.”

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Admittedly, we're obsessed with Stefan's smoking hot physique. It's flawless and very (very!) easy on the eyes.

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Both Williams parents are from the Carribean and he's an outdoorsy guy who enjoys nature's elements.

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For fun, Williams loves hopping in his car and taking a drive through California’s canyons. (He likes to go auto-crossing too!)

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“I’m into cars, I’m into fitness and food,” says Williams, who brags that he can make any and everything well. Turkey burgers and banana pancakes are just a few of his specialties.

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“I like to entertain,” says Williams. “When I’m dating, I’d rather have a woman come over and I can host and cook for her. I got that from my mom, I think.”

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Williams has one younger brother. His whole family is back in Canada but as a self-proclaimed independent spirit, he says even though he misses them dearly, he enjoys being on his own in California.

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Want more Stefan? You can catch him on Instagram or Twitter any time. Say hello below!