Eye Candy: Fitness Fanatic "CJ" Osiah

This hunky health instructor has the perfect body, enjoys helping others and is looking for a phenomenal woman to journey through life with. Ladies, what more could you ask for? Say hello!

Charli Penn Jul, 29, 2013

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Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Chijioke "Cj" Wylliam Osiah grew up in Detriot, and is currently a student living in Bowling Green, Ohio

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“My childhood wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy either,” Osiah explains. “My parents came from Africa to find opportunities, but instead, they found more hardships as they searched for jobs to makes ends meet to provide for their six children. I cherished these experiences the most because I learned the value of a dollar, how to save, respect, humility and appreciation for one’s life and culture.”

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“I grew up in one of the worst areas in Detroit but my parent’s strict teachings kept my siblings and I grounded and prevented us from becoming products of our environment,” Osiah recalls.

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Osiah absolutely adores his parents because he tells us they never stop trying to teach right from wrong. “I see myself displaying so many of their characteristics and it makes me laugh with joy because I know I am just like them in so many ways,” he adds. “Whenever I see them together, it is a constant reminder of the type of marriage I wish for.”

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Osiah comes from a big family so he knows how to share the love. The cutie pie has five brothers and sisters!

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Osiah is devoted to a healthy lifestyle, mind, body and spirit. He works full time as a  a health and fitness coach.

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“I absolutely love what I do because I love to help people and give back,” he tells us. “ Helping others has always been a strong characteristic of mine since my childhood.”

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“I am inspired when I’m told to motivate and inspire others to take better care of themselves,” explains Osiah. “It blows my mind to know that I am able to reach people in this way.  It inspires me to keep going and even develop other ways to reach out to others.”

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Maintaining this beautiful physique is no game, says Osiah, who admits to putting time in at the gym four days a week. “If I had more free time, I would work out every day,” he says.

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Don’t expect Osiah to give up any workout tips or tricks. “I don’t have any,” he says. “Like Nike, I just do it.”

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When he’s not in the gym or eating right, Osiah enjoys music ladies, so are you ready to dedicate a special song just for him? “I listen to all genres of music but it’s R&B that grabs my interest most,” he shares. “It’s melodic food for my old soul.”

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“I love just hanging out with my little brother,” admits family-oriented hunk Osiah. “Spending quality time with him has always produced some of the happiest moments of my life,” he admits. “My brother is my other half.”

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Osiah doesn’t just enjoy listening to music, he sings too. If you win over his heart, prepare for a sweet, sweet serenade. We’d love to watch those sexy lips belt out a sultry tune. We think our hearts just skipped a beat!

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“Growing up, I was left-handed, but my parents didn't like it because in Nigerian culture, the use of the left hand is a sign of disrespect,” Osiah recalls. “I was forced to be right-handed. That’s something people might be surprised to know about me.”

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Ladies, Osiah’s single and more prepared than eve before to meet the woman of his dreams. “I haven’t had the best of luck in relationships, but each experience has taught me the type of woman I want, need and wish to introduce to my mother someday,” he shares.

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“I know that I truly deserve a phenomenal woman and GOD has given me more than enough patience to wait for her to come along,” say Osiah.

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“I will not settle for less than I deserve in a relationships,” says Osiah. “And, I will not present to a woman less than she deserves either.”

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“I wouldn't say that I’m looking for love, because I leave all things in that regard in GOD’s hands,” says Osiah. “But, I am definitely ready for love, and the kind of woman that I need is one who is going to love me the way a man should be loved.”

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Osiah says he’s on the hunt for a supportive, strong and spiritual woman. Hands up high, ladies.

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“I’m a simple guy, so I don't need to do anything extravagant to get the most out of a date,” says Osiah. “A perfect date for me would be dinner served on a high balcony while we connect through conversation and laughter.  Afterward, we would take a walk through a beautiful setting, hold hands and then exchange genuine smiles and penetrating eye contact.” Swoon!

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“I love to laugh, I’m positive and I have a great spirit with a smile to match,” says Osiah. “Plus, I am outgoing, I love to have a good time, am a great listener and enjoy meaningful conversations.”

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“Yes, ladies, I can cook,” boasts Osiah. “I have recently gotten more into cooking because I am single and have to be able to provide for myself.  Cooking is fun and it feels good to tell my Nigerian-born mother that I can because she can really go to work in the kitchen too.”

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“The type of woman that turns me on is a strong woman who doesn't let pride get in the way of things and can admit when she is wrong,” Osiah shares. “My mother always told me to get a giving woman who will lift me up instead of bring me down.” Ladies say hello to him below!