Eye Candy: Don Cheadle

Eye Candy: Don Cheadle
ESSENCE.COM May, 07, 2010

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Talented, sexy, sophisticated—actor/humanitarian Don Cheadle is a major catch. On the heels of his latest film, Iron Man 2’s fabulous opening weekend, we thought it made sense to honor this complex man with some love. Enjoy.

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Cheadle was wearing this gray suit and straw hat oh-so-well when he walked the red carpet at the premiere of “Iron Man 2.” We’re not made of steel, but he still managed to make us melt.

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2010’s been a big year in film for Cheadle. Before “Iron Man 2,” he played an undercover cop trying not to blow his cover in Antoine Fuqua’s latest gritty flick “Brooklyn’s Finest.”

Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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We imagine a typical date with Don would include a a well-aged bottle of rich, full-bodied red wine perfectly accompanied by highly stimulating conversation. You know the type of conversation that lasts for hours and hours until it’s “too late to drive home.”

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Just look at that smile! Sigh. The “Boogie Nights” star’s been known to work for laughs. Last year, news spread that he and “The Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder are working on an animated series for NBC. We can’t wait.

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Nothing’s sexier than a man who takes care of home. The Hollywood heartthrob and his long-term actress girlfriend Bridgid Coulter raise their two daughters Ayana and Imani in Santa Monica, California.

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A man who’s fine and has something to say is always appreciated. Cheadle co-authored the book “Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond,” and co-founded the Not On Our Watch organization to champion that mission. We love him for his heart of gold.

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There’s nothing sexier than a man who stands up for what’s right. In 2007 Cheadle was awarded the Summit Peace Award by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for his efforts to stop the genocide in Darfur. What a noble man.

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Don knows his way around a poker table. During the 2007 World Series of Poker he and poker player Annie Duke teamed up for a benefit poker tournament called “Ante Up for Africa.”

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You spot those sensitive eyes, those smooth full lips, and that sharp dress from across a crowded, dimly lit room. You’re compelled to approach him. Swoon!

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Always up for a challenge, Cheadle’s been dying to take on a role as the influential and complicated jazz legend Miles Davis. In March, the actor confirmed that he is directing and starring in a Davis biopic.

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Is it 4:00 p.m. yet? Just wondering because I suddenly have a craving for smooth dark chocolate. Where did that come from?

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We love Don Cheadle because he’s a well rounded brother. You can often catch this dynamic man swinging clubs on a golf course. Check out that intense stare.

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Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard as Lt. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes in “Iron Man 2.” We’re digging the armor and all, but we’re more interested in what’s underneath. We always had a soft spot for action heroes.

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Born on November 29, Don’s a Sagittarius with a fiery, expressive soul. No wonder we’re drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

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What’s your favorite Don Cheadle role—Paul Rusesabagina in “Hotel Rwanda,” Detective Graham Waters in Crash, Buck Swope in “Boogie Nights”? Check out our favorite on-screen Don Cheadle moments here.